The mafia boss was caught in hiding because of his passion for setting up a cooking channel on YouTube

The mafia boss was caught in hiding because of his passion for setting up a cooking channel on YouTube


2021-03-30 08:25:38

Authorities tracked down and arrested Marc Feren Claude Biart, 53, a former member of an Italian gangster, in the Dominican Republic after years of pursuing his tracks.

Biart is a member of the Cacciola clan of ‘Ndrangheta, a criminal organization with a Mafia-like organizational model, concentrated in the Italian suburbs of Calabria and believed to be the most powerful, rich and secretive gang in the country. this country at present. According to the sheet GuardiaBiart evaded his arrest in 2014, when Italian prosecutors ordered the arrest for a cocaine trade in the Netherlands.

The former ‘Ndrangheta member somehow managed to reach the Dominican Republic’s Boca Chica and live under a perfect cover. Here, Biart is known simply as Marc, stands out with his discreet nature, is very wise in moving and frequently changes his place. He is known as a “ghost” in the Italian community present here.

Biart was escorted by the police after his arrest.

However, with his wife, he created a culinary channel of Italian dishes on YouTube, where many recipe videos were posted. In these videos there is always the presence of a man who has never revealed his face. However, no matter how careful he is to hide it, he cannot hide the typical tattoos on his body and it is these special tattoos that help the police easily recognize him from YouTube clips. However, it is not clear what those tattoos are because a clip of Biart’s arrest was posted only showing the criminal from behind.

For a long time, criminals have repeatedly revealed themselves through social media posts, causing them to be grabbed by the police. For example, a gang of car thieves in the UK was destroyed in 2019 for posting photos of stolen cars on Instagram, or the Mexican drug lord was arrested in late 2013 for his hobby of posting photos of holding guns, raising tigers and Show off private jets on Twitter.

The police also routinely use social media to search for extremist protesters in the US, even signing contracts with facial recognition companies like Clearview AI to assist with surveillance based on Online posts are scooped up on social media.

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