The Martian races appearing in Young Justice are completely different from what we know about the Martians in DC Comics.

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2021-11-04 01:50:21

The history of the Martian race by DC Comics, and Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz, has been rewritten several times since its first appearance in 1955. Originally, J’onn was accidentally transferred. to Earth by an experimental teleport beam created by an Earth scientist and was unable to return to his family on Mars. However, this changed after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, J’onn accidentally traveled through space and time and discovered that his civilization had died thousands of years earlier.

And mostly comic book fans know only about Burning Martian, a cloned species that dominated Mars in the past. This is a cruel and merciless race that knows only war and violence, they are born only to kill. However, the Guardians of the Universe then tampered with the genes of this race and the Burning Martians began to evolve into two new species, the Blue Martians and the White Martians. However, Young Justice introduced and told us that there are 4 species on Mars instead of 2 as we know. So what kind of species are they?

Blue Martians

Green Martians, or G’arrunn, make up the majority of Martians in the reality of Young Justice: Phantoms. Notable Blue Martians include J’onn J’onzz, sister J’ann, Green Beetle, and B’arzz O’oomm. Unlike the Blue Martians in the comics, who are presented as a peace-loving race of philosophers and artists, Young Justice’s Blue Martians don’t seem to follow any tendencies. , they are culturally or psychologically liberal, nor are they fully inclined towards pacifism or militarism.

White Martians

The Martian races appearing in Young Justice are completely different from what we know about Martians in DC Comics - Photo 2.

The White Martians, or A’ashenn, are an oppressed minority in Martian society. Although Martians are all a single species and have the ability to change shape, there is a deep prejudice against White Martians among some Blue Martians and Red Martians, who consider them lower beings for some unknown reason.

Widespread discrimination against white Martians led to Miss Martian being bullied as a child and deciding to travel to Earth in search of a new life. While the lives of the White Martians in reality Young Justice are said to have improved under the previous king, there are still some White Martians who still fight, like Miss Martian’s brother, M’Comm (or aka Ma’alefa’ak), who are seeking to destroy Martian society because of the pain they have gone through.

Red Martian

The Martian races appearing in Young Justice are completely different from what we know about Martians in DC Comics - Photo 3.

The Red Martians (or B’lahdenn) are the only species that appear in Young Justice’s reality, but it seems that this species is based on the Indian Saturnians in the comics – a race cloned by Martians create. The Martian Prince J’emm in Young Justice: Phantoms is a testament to this, being an adaptation of the character Jemm – Son of Saturn in the 1984 DC Comics comic book series that was originally planned to reintroduce Martian. Manhunter after years of inactivity. However, when DC Comics decided to bring back Martian Manhunter as part of the Justice League after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jemm was changed to be a Saturnian, not a Martian.

Golden Martian

The Martian races appearing in Young Justice are completely different from what we know about Martians in DC Comics - Photo 4.

The Yellow Martians (or Y’ellonn) are also the only species that appear in the reality of Young Justice: Phantoms and are the only Martian race to be created rather than born. Yellow Martians act as the priests and sorcerers of the Martians and are held in high esteem by other races. Any Martians who feel called to join the sect will have to undergo a ritual that permanently changes their natural skin color to yellow when they take the oath to join the cult.

In DC Comics, there are two types of Martians: Blue Martians and White Martians. The blue and white Martians are in fact descended from the same race, known as The Burning. This race uses fire, reproduces asexually and is very warlike. However, the Guardians of the Universe felt that the ruthlessness and strength of this race could threaten the safety of the universe, so they manipulated their genes and divided the Martian race into two separate species. , white and green, inhibiting asexual reproduction. They also gave these two new races an instinct to fear fire to prevent either of these new species from reaching their full potential.

Initially, these two races lived peacefully with each other, but over time the Blue Martians became a peace-loving species, while the White Martians became a fierce war-loving species. As a result, these two species were constantly at war with each other.

The long civil war between these two races later ended when the few surviving White Martians were rounded up and exiled to the “Still Zone”.

At some point in Earth’s distant past, white Martians visited the planet and performed genetic experiments on terrestrial animals and primitive humans. These experiments led to the White Martians discovering a metagene in humans that would give humans superhuman strength.

But these experiments later really changed the destiny of humanity and made it possible for only a handful of modern humans to develop superhuman powers.

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