The Marvel bosses didn’t want Iron Man and Captain America to sulk in Civil War, the Russo brothers sulked the bosses and almost left the MCU

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2021-11-24 18:41:12

Captain America: Civil War is one of the most successful works of the MCU to date. After its 2016 release, this film has grossed more than $1.15 billion in box office receipts, many times more than its $240 million production cost. This is also the blockbuster that helped director brothers Joe and Anthony Russo gain the trust of Marvel Studios, thereby becoming the locomotive for two terrible projects Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame – both names brought many great achievements to the MCU.

However, The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, published in mid-October, revealed a behind-the-scenes secret that few people know about Captain America: Civil War: The Russo Brothers There were disagreements with big Marvel bosses during the production process, especially at the scripting stage. That conflict was so great that they almost pulled out of this project, which means that Infinity War & Endgame will also lose 2 talented captains, and the end of Infinity Saga (the first 3 phases of the MCU). will probably also be very different from what we’ve seen on the big screen.

Why did the Russo brothers want to give up Captain America: Civil War?

As mentioned above, Joe and Anthony Russo had many disagreements with some of Marvel’s superiors, specifically in this case members of a department called the Marvel Creative Committee. created Marvel – now disbanded).

If you don’t know, previously, the scripts and content of MCU movies had to go through a very strict censorship process. In it, the Marvel Creative Committee is responsible for providing plans, instructions, development directions as well as removing details that they consider unreasonable in the MCU series. They often interfere in the production process, set limits and force the team of writers and directors to follow.

In the Captain America: Civil War project, the Marvel Creative Committee wanted to change the ending for this movie. They don’t want Zemo’s plan to succeed, don’t want Captain America and Iron Man “stretching” each other or the Avengers squad disbanding. On the contrary, like many other superhero movies, they want all Avengers members to join forces to fight a common enemy, providing the best possible ending.

Joe and Anthony vehemently opposed that idea, even threatening to pull out of the Civil War project if the Marvel Creative Committee continued to interfere in their creative process. The case was so serious that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige himself had to take action. Having endorsed the Russo brothers’ idea, and backed by then-Disney President Alan Horn, Feige eventually succeeded in handing over all creative rights to the director duo so they could complete the project. The film follows its vision.

Creative Committee or a thorn in the eyes of MCU directors and writers?

Marvel bosses don't want Iron Man and Captain America to sulk in Civil War, the Russo brothers sulk at their bosses and almost leave the MCU - Photo 2.

Marvel Creative Committee is an association of many “big ears” of Marvel, including: Former comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel Entertainment Creative Director Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley, Former Marvel Entertainment President Alan Fine. Their mission, as mentioned above, is to set the direction of development as well as provide suggestions for future projects of Marvel Studios.

However, the power and influence of the Marvel Creative Committee has always been considered a “thorn in the eyes” of the team of directors and screenwriters joining the MCU. Not only the Captain America: Civil War project, they have repeatedly interfered too deeply in the production of other films and often offended the directors and actors.

For example, director James Gunn once shared that the committee recommended removing the fun ’70s-style soundtrack in Guardians of the Galaxy. Besides, they also severely criticized the villain of the film.

Iron Man 3 did not escape a similar fate. As originally planned, Maya Hansen (played by Rebecca Hall) was built to be the main antagonist. However, the Marvel Creative Committee requested a change because they thought that if the “last boss” was female, it would be difficult to sell souvenirs and accessories.

The final typical example is director Edgar Wright’s decision to withdraw from the Ant-Man project just because this committee interfered too much in the film’s development. The two main stars, Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, also almost turned their backs on the MCU after Wright’s departure.

Why are the Russo brothers an important piece in the MCU’s Infinity Saga picture?

Marvel bosses don't want Iron Man and Captain America to sulk in Civil War, the Russo brothers sulk at their bosses and almost leave the MCU - Photo 3.

Back to the main issue, after the success of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios immediately realized that Joe and Anthony Russo were the people they were looking for for the director position of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Previously, Kevin Feige and his colleagues were also frantically looking for the captain for these two blockbusters, after Joss Whedon (director of the first 2 Avengers parts) refused to return.

More importantly, Whedon once admitted he didn’t know how to end the Infinity Saga. So, even if he continues to stick with the MCU, it is unlikely that he could have made Infinity War and Endgame so successful, especially when before that, Age of Ultron was stoned.

In contrast, when working on Civil War, the Russo brothers had a rough outline of how the MCU’s story would develop after the breakup of the Avengers and before the arrival of Thanos. In addition, the director duo also twice collaborated with writers Markus and McFeely, helping them to work better when producing Infinity War and Endgame.

It would not be an exaggeration to think that Captain America: Civil War is the last ability test that the Russo brothers have to go through to be able to sit in the director position of the next two Avengers movies. This movie itself is proof that they can handle a project with many great superheroes, helping everyone have a shining moment without diluting the main plot. And apparently, they passed that test extremely well.

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