The meaning of the number of roses in love

The meaning of the number of roses in love

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2021-04-24 17:59:25

Rose is a flower symbolizing love, so couples often choose to give their lover, their half on special days such as March 8, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, confession. … to express my feelings. However, not everyone knows, depending on the number of flowers and the color of the flower, the bouquet of roses has profound meanings and transmits different messages. We invite you to learn about the meaning of the number of roses so you can choose a beautiful bouquet of roses, carrying your own message that you want to send to the recipient.

Meaning the number of commissions from 1 to 100

1 Rose: Love forever and only.

2 roses help you to change words, that those two are brothers and sisters, and express the deep love of 2 people.

3 roses for confession: “I love you – I love you”.

The 4 roses symbolize immortal love and the message “Nothing can separate the two of us”.

5 roses show sincere love.

6 roses for that person if you want the relationship to the next level with the message “I want to be your lover”.

7 roses: symbolizes passionate, crazy love, “I love you more than anything”.

8 roses express their gratitude to everyone who helped and supported you.

9 roses symbolize eternal love.

10 roses are a great gift when you want to tell your lover that you love her wholeheartedly.

11 roses: I only love you.

12 Roses: This is a great way to tell your significant other that your love for them grows over the years.

13 roses: Symbolizes secret admiration or eternal friendship.

14 roses: I’m proud of you.

15 roses: Sincere apology and forgiveness!

16 roses: Have a safe journey.

17 roses: “Be my wife”, this is also a great gift for my wife on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s …

18 roses: “Happy young and beautiful forever”.

19 roses: I’ll wait until you agree!

20 roses: Believe me.

21 roses: I love you for the rest of my life.

22 roses: Good luck, usually given to friends.

25 roses: I wish you happiness.

27 roses: Show your love for your wife.

30 roses: Symbolizes trust in love.

36 roses: Symbolizes romantic love, romantic and happy moments that 2 people have for each other.

Meaning of giving 50 roses

37 roses: conveying the message “I love you with all my heart”.

40 roses: Symbolizes sincere love.

44 roses: forever together.

47 roses: “To me, you are unique and only me”.

48 Roses: Faithful, never changing.

50 roses: conveying the message “I love you unconditionally and never regret.

100 roses: Symbolizes perfect love, wishes for hundred years of happiness.


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