The Ministry of Education and Training uses TomoChain’s technology to store diplomas on the blockchain

The Ministry of Education and Training uses TomoChain’s technology to store diplomas on the blockchain


2021-03-22 01:29:05

The deployment of technology to store diplomas is confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Training to ensure transparency, safety and social savings.

From the school year 2020 – 2021, the Ministry of Education and Training decided to apply technology in archiving national qualifications. Accordingly, all diplomas issued by training units under the Ministry of Education and Training will one by one be included in the national diploma archive system. Traceability systems for parties in need will also be socialized.

To ensure data safety, this system applies the most advanced technologies, of which the blockchain platform is deployed by technology developer TomoChain.

According to TomoChain, the diploma storage and retrieval process consists of two main steps. First, the Ministry of Education and Training receives digital diploma data from training institutions, then organizes and stores them in sync. Each diploma, corresponding to a student, graduate student, will have a number. Each number is a unique, authenticated, transparent and cannot be tampered with.

Next, through a portal, the parties can access the diploma data. Degrees are stored using blockchain technology, ensuring any changes can be traced and restored when needed.

Diagram of the process of digitizing and storing national qualifications on the TomoChain blockchain system

The diploma data is encrypted and securely stored at the Ministry of Education and Training, and on a blockchain developed by TomoChain, ensuring the traceability of any changes in the past. These data may also be available to recover if the database of the Ministry of Education and Training is hacked.

In addition, the system has been built synchronously, fully, well serving the management, authentication and exploitation of diploma information, reducing the time for processing jobs, saving administrative and management costs. strict process, contribute to improve work efficiency.

Thus, according to technology developer TomoChain, with the process and application of this technology, fake certificates will not appear or be authenticated on the system. From there, the problem of fake diplomas will gradually be pushed back and progressed to eradicate in the future.

Mr. Phuc emphasized that “Managing diplomas and certificates is also one of the issues that need to be renewed by technology, which is of great significance for the whole society, and more effective for the diploma management system in particular. and education in general ”.

In fact, the granting and management of diplomas is currently implemented by training institutions according to the autonomy policy of the Ministry of Education and Training. However, this process causes many difficulties for recruitment agencies and units when they need to verify information. Every time it needs to confirm the real / fake, the parties must contact each school, it takes a lot of time and effort.

Besides, the issue of fake diplomas is also a painful and pressing social problem for many years. The problem of how to securely store diploma information, from there, proceed to support agencies and units using personnel to authenticate simply, accurately, economically, but without pictures affecting the autonomy of degree units across the country was not easily resolved in the past.

Blockchain technology (blockchain) is chosen by the Ministry of Education and Training for its transparency, safety and saving of social resources. In the world and in Vietnam, blockchain technology is used to store data safely, securely, traceability … in the fields of finance, banking, health, education, agriculture …

“The degree storage solution with blockchain technology has been researched and applied by TomoChain for over a year. This time, we are very honored to cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Training to apply this technology to the education system in Vietnam, contributing to repelling the problem of fake diplomas, making it easy to access diplomas. more ”, said Mr. Vuong Quang Long, founder and CEO of TomoChain.

“Currently, putting data evidence on the open blockchain is also a popular global trend, thanks to its advantages of savings, safety and security. I believe that this system is a steady step to bring the most modern technologies in the world to e-government 4.0 in Vietnam, bringing us on par with these innovative and progressive countries. the world ”, Mr. Long added.

Mr. Vuong Quang Long, Founder and CEO of TomoChain

From the end of 2019, this system has been studied by TomoChain experts, currently in the rush to complete testing to begin testing by the end of 2020, despite the challenging work process due to the COVID pandemic – 19.

According to Mr. Long, the hierarchy of education and degrees in Vietnam has many special features with the world, moreover, it has changed over time. Therefore, the archival program should be built both to adapt well to the hierarchy, and to adapt well to the past and future of education. The system should also be prepared to be ready to integrate into the larger picture of Vietnam’s burgeoning e-government.

TomoChain Technology Company is one of the leading open blockchain solutions in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. TomoChain’s solutions are used in many industries such as education, finance, healthcare, and commerce.

TomoChain’s goal is to bring blockchain technology to millions of users by enabling the integration of blockchain into real world applications with minimal complexity of blockchain technology, while ensuring that the advantages are maintained. highlight of this technology. TomoChain’s current market capitalization is close to $ 50 million with daily trading volume around $ 5.5 million.

At the end of October 2020, TomoChain officially announced the merger of the famous German blockchain technology company Lition – integrated by the “giant” of the Microsoft software industry – to develop a separate department for government and business. using blockchain technology.

According to the Communist Journal

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