The most dangerous beaches in the world

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2022-09-17 19:22:47

Cape Tribulation, the beach is full of poisonous jellyfish

Cape Tribulation Beach in North Queensland, Australia, is a picturesque place, with rainforest and mangroves, but you must be careful if you choose to take a dip in its beautiful waters.

Tourists must be wary when visiting this area because there are extremely dangerous creatures living here, which can be life-threatening and can turn a pleasant holiday into a holiday. nightmare – box jellyfish.

These sea creatures proliferate from October to early June. If you are stung by one of these jellyfish, their venom will attack your cardiovascular system. The venom of this jellyfish is so strong that it will cause you to drown before you can get out of the water. Experts advise people to absolutely not go into the water at this time of year. However, there are still some sections of the beach that have nets designed to prevent jellyfish from getting close to swimmers.

In addition, there is still another animal to watch out for in Cape Tribulation, which is the saltwater crocodile. They have the ability to hide in both shallow and deep water, so both the ocean and the fresh water here pose potential dangers. According to reports, every year, about one or two people have to die because of saltwater crocodiles here.

Skeleton Coast, filled with shipwrecks and desert lions lurking

Although not a popular tourist destination, the Skeleton coast in Namibia attracts adventurous travelers, especially those who enjoy surfing or are interested in shipwrecks.

This is a long coastline in the desert and is especially dangerous for naval ships. This is due to foggy conditions as well as erratic ocean currents in the area, making it the largest ship graveyard in the world – with hundreds of shipwrecks lining its shores.

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This area became famous not only because of the number of shipwrecks but also because of the frequent whale carcasses that wash up on the shore. Skeleton Coast is remote, so it does not attract large numbers of visitors.

In addition, this place is also home to desert lions, which have adapted to this harsh environment. Desert lions can eat marine animals, including seals and white whales, as well as birds, their personalities are many times more aggressive than those of lions in other areas. rest of Africa.

Hanakapiai Beach, where there are dangerous currents

Visitors to Hawaii typically spend at least part of their time at the beach. And while many beaches are perfectly suitable for swimming and water sports, there are others that are much less hospitable.

One of them is the secluded Hanakapiai beach on the Napali coast. To get there, visitors have to hike about 5km on the Kalalau Trail, which is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

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Once you get to the beach, you can’t swim in it. There is a wooden sign warning visitors not to enter the water because the currents here are too dangerous. Due to the geography of the area, swimmers caught in the current will be stranded unless they can swim to the nearest accessible shoreline, about 6 miles away. So far, 15 people have disappeared into the ocean and have never been found.

New Smyrna Beach, home to the most shark attacks in the world

In June 2021, a shark bit two people on the same day at Florida’s New Smyrna beach, which is known as the capital of shark attacks. Two attacks in one day is not a common occurrence, but shark attacks in general are very common here. New Smyrna beach swimmers are 10 times more likely to be bitten by a shark than anywhere else in the United States.

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In 2020, this beach has a total of 244 shark attacks. New Smyrna Beach attracts a lot of sharks because the baitfish are attracted to the tidal currents here.

Chowpatty Beach

While dangerous sea life and currents are big deterrents when it comes to beach vacations, there’s still another reason for people to avoid it: it’s polluted. If you don’t like being covered in sewage while swimming, then you should avoid Chowpatty beach in Mumbai, India.

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Mumbai has about 18 million residents and is one of the most populous cities in the world, so you can imagine how much waste it generates. The city’s sewer system carries wastewater directly to the beach. In addition, along the coast there is also a lot of garbage. This beach has long been known as the most polluted place in the world.

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