The mystery of the Faust ship in 1968

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The mystery of the Faust ship in 1968 – Part 1: Background of the disappearance.

The mystery of the Faust ship in 1968 – Part 2: Disappearing for the second time despite being seen by the ship and providing food for the Faust to find its way back.

On July 26, the Spanish authorities dispatched four CASA 2,111 bombers and began a circular search along the locations reported by the Duquesa. In addition, a number of warships have joined the search and rescue team. Later, Grumman seaplanes and two Douglas DC-4 aircraft were also sent to search. The Spanish government invested more than 1 million pesetas (equivalent to 2.26 million USD at the time) in this search and rescue operation, equivalent to 17.13 million USD today if inflation is taken into account. . However, the largest and most expensive search and rescue operation in Spanish history still yielded no results, the Faust ship strangely disappeared from the Atlantic waters.

On 7 August 1968, authorities canceled the official search and rescue operation and officially listed the Faust as “missing” because it was judged that the crew could not have survived. The family members of the crew members were deeply saddened, and somehow their loved ones could not find their way home twice in a row. Although the crash of the Faust gained a lot of attention for a while, as time went on, people talked about it less and less, anyway, life had to go on.

At 10:54 am on October 9, 1968 – two months after the time of disappearance, the Italian merchant ship Anna Di Maio discovered the Faust in the Atlantic Ocean. Anna Di Maio was a merchant ship and was on a voyage to Venezuela, South America, they found Faust at latitude 23º03´ north and 38º30´ west longitude which is La Palma island where Faust originally departed. more than 2,100 km.

The location where Faust was found after the second disappearance.

The weather was not so good that day, the sky was full of dark clouds, while Anna Di Maio was sailing in the deep Atlantic, the discerning crew noticed that there seemed to be a small boat drifting. on the far sea. They found that to be completely unreasonable, and they found that there was no one on the deck of that small fishing boat, and no one at the helm, but with the call sign TE-2-12. -68 and Fausto’s name is written on the hull. Anna Di Maio’s crew had never heard of Faust’s story before, but they decided to get close and search for this mysterious ship.

The mystery of the Faust ship in 1968 - Part 3: the sailor lay down on the deck and the voyage was not intact - Photo 2.

Ships Anna Di Maio and Luciano Ascione.

Officer Luciano Ascione and a deckman approached the Faust in a small boat, when they boarded the hull they found no one on board, and the ship itself was not damaged or lost signal. Ascione went into the cabin and tried to search for logs or traces of the crew, but found nothing of value.

After a preliminary examination of the hull, Ascione believed nothing unusual had happened to the ship, except that the crew had abandoned the ship and left. However, as he continued to descend to the bottom of the ship, he discovered a naked body lying on his back on the floor next to the ship’s engine, next to the transistor radio. Due to being dead for a long time, the body has begun to decompose, making it impossible to identify.

Frightened, Ascione quickly sent another sailor back to the Anna Di Maio to notify the captain, who immediately informed the nearest land-based radio station of the strange discovery: “At 10:54 a.m. on October 9, Greenwich time, the fishing boat Faust with the designation TE-2-12-68 was found adrift. One crew member was killed in the ship’s engine room. The time of death is unknown. . The body was completely naked and no logs or documents were found on board.”

Then Ascione found a notebook in the cabin, which he thought might be the diary of the deceased, but he could not understand Spanish but understood a few words like “goodbye”, as well as a numbers and calculation formulas. Confused Ascione found some insurance documents, and those were all the items left in the cabin.

The mystery of the Faust ship in 1968 - Part 3: the sailor lay down on the deck and the voyage was not intact - Photo 3.

The Spanish press covered Faust’s reappearance with front-page headlines.

Five hours after the announcement of the Anna Di Maio, the Spanish authorities received the information and immediately informed the residents of La Palma. When they heard the news that a dead body had been found on board, the crowd was filled with grief – the only relief was that at least some facts about Faust’s disappearance could be learned through the unknown corpse. this origin.

After a preliminary search, the crew of the Anna Di Maio decided to tow it back to Puerto Cabello in Venezuela for further analysis. They also put the documents and notes found on the ship in an envelope, and decided to send these documents to the Spanish government as soon as they returned to shore.

However, while the Anna Di Maio was towing the wreck of the ill-fated ship, Faust sank to the bottom of the sea. “Today is October 11, Greenwich Mean Time, 06:30 GMT, at latitude 19º46´ north, longitude west 46º26´ the Fausto is missing, and it is suspected that it sank suddenly. We will go to Venezuela and Spain, deliver the documents found.”

According to Anna Di Maio’s records, they were located 19º46 north latitude and 46º26 west longitude when it sank, about 2,200 km southwest of La Palma and about 3,000 km northeast of Venezuela. The cause of the shipwreck was initially estimated to have been loose wires connecting the two ships, but it is not known if man-made causes were involved. The male body found on board the Faust also sank in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean. Now the only thing left is the text found in the cabin. When the notebook was sent to La Palma, Julio’s wife Luz recognized her husband’s handwriting, and she said it was a diary written by her husband.

The odd numbers and formulas in the notebook are the earnings data of Julio when he was an engineer in La Palma. The last page of the notebook is indeed his farewell to his family. He used a whole page to tell his wife how to use the insurance he had bought and how to deal with his inheritance, to ensure that she and her children could live comfortably in the future. After talking about the financial arrangements, Julio finally wrote a cryptic sentence: “Never tell our children about what happened to you, because this is your destiny. I will always love you and the children.”

The mystery of the Faust ship in 1968 - Part 3: the sailor lay under the deck and the voyage was not intact - Photo 4.

What’s even more strange is that this notebook is not intact, it is missing 28 pages in the middle. According to Ascione, the first discoverer, when he found the notebook, that was already the case. He didn’t know who tore up the middle of the diary.

Since then, the Faust and its crew have completely disappeared across the Atlantic, and nothing has been found.

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