The new Toyota Camry will be released on September 28: The engine has changed greatly, determined to keep the ‘throne’

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2022-09-22 00:29:41

(CHK) Although it has not been officially launched, the information revealed about the new Toyota Camry model has made Kia K5 “quick”.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari – Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India recently confirmed that Toyota will launch a flexible fuel version of the Toyota Camry sedan in the country on September 28, 2022 . Speaking at the annual SIAM 62 conference, the minister said: “On September 28, Toyota will launch the Toyota Camry Flex-Fuel powered by Ethanol. “

The launch of Toyota Camry Flex-Fuel will be a milestone opening a new era for the automotive market

Technical details and specifications of the Toyota Camry Flex-Fuel have yet to be revealed. However, according to information from Indian media, this will be the first flexible fuel-powered car to be launched in the Indian market. Flexible fuel engines are internal combustion engines (ICEs) and can run on a variety of other fuels or mixtures. On the international market, a blend of gasoline with ethanol or methanol is used in most automobiles. However, flexible fuel engines can also run on 100% gasoline or ethanol.

The flexible engine of the Toyota Camry Flex-Fuel comes with a fuel composition sensor and ECU programming with the ability to automatically adjust to any ratio. The Indian government is urging automakers to adopt natural gas alternatives that are less polluting.

The use of alternative fuel options will help India reduce its dependence on fuel imports. India is the largest fossil fuel importer in the world. The launch of the Toyota Camry Flex-Fuel will mark a new era in the automotive market and will help reduce India’s carbon footprint and boost its economy.

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