The newly unboxed Samsung Galaxy A52 is just over 5 million, should I buy it or not?

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2022-09-20 06:16:01

With a selling price of only VND 5,490,000, Samsung Galaxy A52 is currently much cheaper than when it first came out, priced at VND 10 million.

In the middle of September 2022, as recorded at major dealers, Galaxy A52 is still listed and widely sold. In which, the lowest price recorded was from VND 5,490,000.

This is equivalent to nearly 50% of the listed price of VND 9,290,000 when the Galaxy A52 was launched nearly a year ago.

Considering the price range, the current Galaxy A52 will be similar to vivo V23e or realme 8 Pro. But it should be thanks that the level between them and the Galaxy A52 is quite different.

When accepting the Galaxy A52 with a price range of more than 5 million, what users will receive is a smartphone that is balanced in many factors. First of all in terms of display, Galaxy A52 is equipped with a Full HD + screen (1080 x 2400 Pixels), a large size of 6.5 inches with Super AMOLED panels.

As a giant in the screen manufacturing industry and regularly providing screens for many other brands, the screen on the Galaxy A52 is extremely beautiful at the time of 2022 thanks to its high resolution and good brightness, good movie viewing experience. Reading news, surfing social networks are pleasant.

Galaxy A52 owns the heart of the entire system is Snapdragon 720G chip, where the letter G is a symbol that shows it is optimized for Game. Game chips usually have very high performance and are less prone to heat.

Technically, this chip has 8 cores, including 2 extremely high-performance cores up to 2.23 GHz combined with 128GB internal memory and 8GB RAM. Galaxy A52 is powerful enough to handle a series of games with the highest graphics.

Regarding camera, Galaxy A52 owns 64 MP main camera & 12 MP secondary camera, 5 MP, 5 MP and 32 MP front camera. In which, the main camera has full optical anti-shake support to help users easily produce the best photos.

The remaining lenses play the role of super wide-angle, portrait and close-up shooting, all of which offer outstanding quality for the price range and are comparable to many more expensive models.

Reasons to buy Galaxy A52

Obviously if you have about 7 million VND in hand, Galaxy A52 is currently the best choice today. Whether the newly launched vivo V23e or the realme 8 Pro have the same price, these two smartphones both have significantly weaker chips than the Galaxy A52.

If compared with the OPPO Reno6 Z priced at nearly VND 10 million in September 2022, the Galaxy A52 is only slightly inferior in performance while almost excelling in the screen, as well as the ability to take pictures.

You should not buy the Galaxy A52 when you can afford more expensive models. If this is the case, the Galaxy S20 FE is also a remarkable product.

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