The NFT will explode, it will change the art industry

The NFT will explode, it will change the art industry


2021-03-24 00:41:13

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According to billionaire Mark Cuban, Blockchain technology, NFT, will be able to change everything, even in arts such as music and cinema.

Since selling to Yahoo for $ 5.7 billion in stock, Cuban has invested in hundreds of different tech companies.

And now, if there is investment, he said he will still focus on technology and will pour money into areas such as Blockchain, Smart Contract and NFT.

Particularly, the NFT is identified by Cuban as very potential and will be a trend in the future.

In a recent sharing, he said:

“If I go back to 1995, I will be crazy about these technologies … Blockchain, NFT …”

“The present phase is like the early days of the Internet. Personally, I think Blockchain and NFT will have great growth potential in the future “

Recently revealed on CNBC, Cuban said he was making money from NFT through digital products. Currently he owns many digital assets related to NFT.

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“The NFT will change both the art industries like music and movies. I will meet musicians that I know to introduce NFT. In the near future, I believe this trend will continue to thrive ”, said Cuban.

In late February, British auction organization Christie, became the first organization to sell an NFT-related digital artwork.

Commenting on this, Cuban said, “This will push art collectors to the digital realm, NFT …”

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