The North Korean hacker group programmed bots to steal cryptocurrency

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2021-03-22 03:33:39

Lazarus Group – a famous group of hackers from North Korea has attracted a lot of attention when attacking major exchanges last year, according to reports from Chainalysis. One of the tricks of this group is to create fake trading bots to provide them to DragonEx exchange employees to steal the money of these accounts.

The North Korean hacker group programmed bots to steal cryptocurrency

In March 2019, this hacker group stole about 7 million USD of different electronic devices from the Singapore-based DragonEx exchange. Although this is a relatively small amount, but the sophisticated tricks of this group of hackers are worth mentioning.

The group built up a highly elaborate phishing scheme, when they created a website as well as lifelike information pages for a ghost company called WFC Proof. The company is said to have created the Worldbit-bot, a trading bot that has been made available to DragonEx employees.

Screenshot of the fake website

Although the software is believed to be exactly like an actual trading bot, it contains malicious code that can take control of the computer it is infected with. Finally, the software was installed on a machine containing DragonEx’s hot wallet passwords, so far this hacker group’s plan is considered successful.

Although this attack does not cause too much damage, the potential dangers of this method are very alarming. Hackers, after a period of familiarity with the market, have become very proficient in cryptocurrencies, even placing a lifelike warning on their website that users should pay attention to security measures. account, do not share it with any other third party.

Cryptocurrencies are stolen each year from exchanges

Withdraw money quickly

This is not the Lazarus Group’s first mission, the group has also attacked a number of other small exchanges before, and even patiently waited 18 months until everything was calm before withdrawing. money to spend.

In 2019 they changed the way it works, choosing to withdraw as soon as possible. To do this, Lazarus started using CoinJoin-enabled wallet to erase traces of his transactions.

Hackers cashed out the majority of their money in the 60 days after the attack, as opposed to almost a year for the attacks in 2018.

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