The number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by 20% since the beginning of 2021

The number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by 20% since the beginning of 2021


2021-03-24 19:45:42

Bitcoin in 2021 has truly grown rapidly, attracting a lot of interest from investors around the world. That means the number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide has doubled compared to 2020, reaching nearly 17,000.

Compared to 2020, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by more than 20% by 2021, marking a dramatic leap in line with the market’s recovery. The surge came as Bitcoin plunged from $ 20,000 to an all-time high of around $ 61,683.

The net change of the number of cryptocurrencies. Source: Coin ATM Radar

Data from Coin ATM Radar shows significant growth in Q1 / 2021, especially in the North American continent. The total number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world is 16,966, about 2.5 times more than in early 2020.

Cryptocurrency ATM distribution chart by continent and country: Coin ATM Radar

The US accounts for more than 80% of all Bitcoin ATMs, but the numbers show that the sector is also thriving in Europe. Genesis Coin is the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs, with 38% market share. General Bytes is second with 27% market share.

While it is convenient and allows people to buy property, there is a downside: Bitcoin ATMs charge relatively high fees. However, the increasing number indicates a growing need for adoption. Users can use both their debit and credit cards to buy Bitcoin.

Visa test API to help bank users buy Bitcoin, or card issuer to become an official member of the Visa network, is gradually integrating to provide users with the most convenient way to pay. payment on Bitcoin ATMs.

The increase in the number of ATMs is not too surprising considering Bitcoin is in its most fascinating state in history. In addition to the institutions inherently attached to Bitcoin, the big man Morgan Stanley has provided the right to invest in Bitcoin to customers as well as the oldest bank in the United States – BNY Mellon started to step into the stronger.

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