The number of searches for “NFT” on Google peaked

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2021-03-22 19:20:34

The number of searches for “NFT” on Google has officially peaked, proving that NFT has truly become the next explosive trend of cryptocurrencies in 2021.

Compare search volume for “NFT” keyword with other popular cryptocurrency keywords

According to the ranking scale of finding keywords from 0 to 100 of Google, the number of searches for the keyword “NFT“In the period from March 7 to March 13, it reached 99 points. This number completely overwhelms other popular keywords in the crypto market, such as “DeFi”, “Cryptocurrency”, “Blockchain”.

However, compared to the more popular keywords like “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum”, the popularity of NFT is much less popular, showing that NFT still has a lot of room for further development.

The number of searches for
Compare the search volume of the keyword “NFT” with the keywords “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum”

As explained by CHK, NFT stands for “non-fungible token” – unique token. NFT is an application of blockchain technology, using blockchain’s immutable data storage capabilities to tokenize real-world and virtual assets, while ensuring ownership of those who bought them. . NFT is really booming in recent years, with many famous names such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, robot Sophia, … creating NFT respectively.

One of the things that is making the NFT “hotter” is that these tokens are being traded at a very high price. A painting in the form of NFT recently sold for $ 69.3 million, naturally topping the list of the most expensive NFTs.

Not stopping there, according to data from TheBlock, the number of users on popular NFT platforms in March has also set new records. Specifically, in the second week of March, more than 398,000 users traded on top NFT platforms, mainly focused on NBA Top Shot (379,000 users), Axie Infinity (12,260 people). users), Sorare (2,540 users), …

Number of NFT users by week. Source: TheBlock

In terms of transaction volume, in the last week, the NFT market reached 140.88 million USD. This figure is slightly lower than the record of $ 196 million in the last week of February, but still shows that the NFT trend has not shown any signs of cooling down as the NFT trading volume has been higher for 4 consecutive weeks. threshold 100 million USD.

The platform with the highest transaction volume was Cryptopunks with $ 86.21 million, followed by NBA Top Shot with $ 47.18 million and Sorare with $ 4.5 million.

The number of searches for
NFT trading volume per week. Source: TheBlock

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