The online retailer eBay supports NFT sales

The online retailer eBay supports NFT sales

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2021-05-12 03:20:50

The news comes less than two weeks after CEO Jamie Iannone said eBay is working on affordable ways to enter the NFT market.

The online retailer eBay supports NFT sales

According to a source from Reuters, eBay users who meet certain criteria on the platform will be allowed to register for NFT sales. The company also said it intends to expand its policies and tools to support the commercialization of digital collections in the future.

“Over the coming months, eBay will add new features that will bring collections built on blockchain technology to our platform,” said eBay senior vice president for North America, Jordan Sweetnam. said.

The news comes shortly after CEO Jamie Iannone said eBay will “explore opportunities” to enable NFT on the platform “the easy way.” The CEO also said that buyers and sellers were able to transact NFT on eBay, but the process is still different. Iannone said at the time that the company was also considering introducing cryptocurrency payment options.

People who are knowledgeable about the online marketplace have previously suggested that eBay may be willing to accept payments with cryptocurrencies. Three years ago, a senior vice president of the company said eBay was “seriously considering” integrating Bitcoin (BTC) into its platform as a payment method.

Thousands of NFT projects have exploded in the crypto market over the past few months, fueled by the massive wave of $ 1 million NFTs that have risen during the past few months. The introduction of NFT to a market like eBay with around 187 million active buyers is likely to hold the fever on even longer.

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