The only deep hi-tech deal today is at Tiki, with dishes from 54K

The only deep hi-tech deal today is at Tiki, with dishes from 54K


2021-03-24 11:47:48

Baseus Zinc Magnetic Cable Series 2 charging cable is falling deep to only 160K range on Tiki. The plug of this charging cable can be detached from the charging cord, protecting the connection port on the phone while limiting damage after a long period of use. The product is also equipped with intelligent source processor and automatic voltage adjustment to ensure maximum safety for users.

Lightning Anker Powerline II charging cable discount is about 361K on Tiki. The charging cable has a compact design, up to 1.8 meters in length to help you connect conveniently with devices even at a long distance. In addition to its fast charging ability, the product also proves high durability when it withstands bending more than 12,000 times under strong impacts such as jerking, twisting, …

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The 20,000mAh Xiaomi Redmi battery pack has a sharp drop in price to 339K in Tiki. This is a top-selling accessory at Tiki with stylish design, compact size, Trickle-Charging technology suitable for components such as bluetooth headset or Kindle reading device. The product scores with a “huge” battery capacity of 20,000mAH, high-end battery core and smart protection feature to create maximum peace of mind when used.

Acome AP201 20,000mAh battery with original price of 590K, was sold at a shock rate of about 319K at Tiki. The device supports 2 input ports and 2 output ports for fast charging, 3 times safer than conventional rechargeable batteries. The plus point of the product is also in the “huge” capacity 20,000mAH that can charge Redmi Note 8 Pro 3 times, Samsung S10 4 times and iPhone up to 7.4 times. In addition, the product surface also has an LED display of battery capacity to help users actively monitor the battery status easily and quickly.

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High-end Anker PowerCore 10,400mAh rechargeable battery preferential to about 750K at Tiki. The product is compactly designed in the palm of the hand, integrated with the ability to automatically disconnect the charger when fully charged to save energy and improve efficiency. In particular, in addition to owning 10,400mAh capacity, Anker exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost fast charging technologies provide the fastest charging levels for almost any device.

The 10,000mAh Samsung EB-P1100 power bank is reduced to about 285K in Tiki. This is one of the cult products in the technology world because of its sophisticated design, support for high-end fast charging AFV (Auto Fast Charging) and Quick Charge 2.0 and outstanding OCP feature from Battery Pack. This battery capacity also helps you to carry on trips without having to worry about your phone running out of battery at any time.

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Logitech M331 Silent wireless mouse is on sale for about 299K at Tiki. It is a sought-after hi-tech accessory with advanced optical mouse technology, up to 1,000dpi resolution for precise cursor tracking and responsive performance. In addition, because it is a silent mouse (Silent Mouse), it ensures smoothness during use, extremely suitable for those who “fight” games every night or work in cafes.

Affordable wrist pads are around 171K left on Tiki. The product is available in a variety of sizes, fixed rubber lining and curved design to protect the wrist. In addition, the product is also made of regenerative foam to help massage the wrist effectively.

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Helios laptop rack is an item that is greatly reduced on Tiki when it is only about 238K. The product is constructed of high-end durable aluminum alloy, containing rubber cushion in the contact parts of the machine to increase grip and minimize scratches on laptops. This series of racks scores well with the user because of their dimensions suitable for many different types of computers.

Shockproof bag original price 259K, now sale is only about 54K on Tiki. The special soft foam material limits the strong forces impacting on the body, the bottom cushion structure helps the laptop to be held firmly inside, resistant to scratches and impacts. This is an effective computer protection solution that all brothers should consider investing in protecting their beloved laptop.

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