The only way for Admin to send messages in a WhatsApp chat group

The only way for Admin to send messages in a WhatsApp chat group


2021-04-26 18:04:24

Each WhatsApp chat group will have an Admin who plays the role of managing the group such as adding members to the group, locking the right to edit group information on WhatsApp. And in case you want to notify important messages so all team members know, without pinning the message, you can change the settings to customize Adin to be able to message in the chat group. . When the admin sets this up, all members of the group will not be able to send messages. The following article will guide you how to block sending WhatsApp chat group messages.

Instructions to lock WhatsApp group messages

Step 1:

At the interface on WhatsApp, you Click on the group chat want to change settings. Continue to click chat group name at the top of the interface.

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface, users drag down and click Group Settings to change settings for group chat.

Set up a group chat

Continue to switch to the new interface, click on users Send Messages to edit the permission to send messages in a WhatsApp chat group.

Edit sending messages

Step 3:

Now you will see 2 options to allow sending messages in group chat. We press Only Admins so that only Admins can send messages in group chat only. Click OK below to save your changes. In case you want all participants to be able to message, switch to All participants.

Only Admin text messages

Step 4:

At this point in the messaging interface on the WhatsApp group there will be a notice as shown below. The other members of the group can only read messages. Previous messages will not be affected.

Chat group announcement


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