The owner of the Honda Wave Alpha changed his life by picking up the number plate of the 9th quarter

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2022-11-20 14:54:06

(CHK) The Honda Wave Alpha 2022 is resold for up to 900 million VND thanks to the number plate of the 9th quarter.

A week ago, a car owner in Hanoi was lucky to press the number plate of the 9th quarter for his Honda Wave Alpha., Immediately after this information was posted, many people contacted the car owner to have can buy this car.

Recently, Mr. Do Trung Hieu – a collector of motorbikes and cars with beautiful number plates in Hanoi has officially bought this Honda Wave Alpha in the 9th quarter with a price of up to 900 million VND. He said he came to buy it right after knowing that the owner of the Honda Wave Alpha hit the sea 29-C1-99999. However, it took a few days for the owner to agree to sell the car.

Previously, many people speculated that this 9th-quarter Honda Wave Alpha was priced at up to 1.6 billion VND by code C1 – Hoan Kiem district’s sea is often more expensive than the sea in other districts and is popular with beach players. . However, it is clear that this price of 900 million VND is also a good number for car owners when Honda Wave Alpha is just a popular car with an original price of only approximately 20 million VND.

Besides, this 9th-quarter Honda Wave Alpha is also the most expensive beautiful number plate car on the market today. Before that, there were many Honda Wave Alpha with other beautiful number plates, but only for sale in the range of VND 100-300 million. Many people think that the owner of this Honda Wave Alpha has indeed changed his life by winning this super VIP number plate.

This 9th-quarter Honda Wave Alpha belongs to the 2022 life with a compact, durable design. The car uses a single cylinder engine block, 110cc capacity, air-cooled. With this engine block, Honda Wave Alpha has a maximum capacity of 6.12 kW at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.44 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

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