The person excitedly showed off the device, who sold the PS5 in the night

The person excitedly showed off the device, who sold the PS5 in the night


2021-03-22 21:36:03

Available for pre-order from 10 am on March 1, the new generation of Sony consoles immediately sparked a fever in Vietnam. On March 19, the first PlayStation 5 machines came to Vietnamese gamers in indescribable joy.

The reason is that, genuine PS5 purchased in Vietnam is much cheaper than portable items. Remember at the time of launch last November, many Vietnamese gamers bit their teeth to accept double or even triple the amount of money to become the first to open the PS5 box in Vietnam.

Currently, the PS5 is offered by Sony Vietnam at a suggested retail price of 14.5 million dong, but only sells the version with the drive. Therefore, many people on this occasion take advantage of pushing the device just in hand on the PlayStation fan groups with the price from 19 million VND. This price is the equivalent of the PS5 price offered for sale on e-commerce sites and in today’s laptop stores. However, buying directly from a resell is assessed more reliably and with no waiting time than buying from a third-party seller.

For true gamers, most of the blockbuster exclusive PS5 graphics are still in production and players can only choose a few names like Cyberpunk 2077 or Spider-Man: Miles. Morales. With few choices plus the price of a PS5 game disc is not cheap, users tend to temporarily use PS4 discs to play or download digital versions purchased on the online store PlayStation Store.

The person excitedly showed off the device, who sold the PS5 in the night - Photo 2.

In addition to genuine products, the PS5 price is currently listed at 19 million or more

As of early March 2021, 6 million PS5 units have been sold worldwide. The 9th generation console is still in a sold-out status with every batch that has just been sold out of stock for a few minutes. This is due to a global shortage of semiconductor chip supplies, partly because the Covid-19’s influence has stalled operations, partly due to a US ban on Chinese component manufacturers. National.

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