The phone got wet: Don’t worry, the iPhone has a “miracle feature”

The phone got wet: Don’t worry, the iPhone has a “miracle feature”

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2023-03-18 19:20:40

Feature “push water out” on iPhone

We carry our smartphones with us every day, so it’s inevitable for this handy little device to bump, scratch, drop, and even get splashed with water. Everyone knows that water and electronics are a taboo couple.

Most of today’s high-end smartphones are water resistant to some degree, for example recent iPhone models have an IP68 rating against dust and water ingress.

But they are not 100% waterproof. If submerged or exposed to a large amount of water, liquid can easily enter the phone through the connection ports and speaker diaphragm.

Once exposed to water, the phone can damage internal components, making it expensive, laborious, or even completely damaged.

There are many ways to fix the situation of the phone in water such as putting it in a bucket of rice or using silica packets to absorb moisture. Few people know that, there is an iPhone trick that you can use to remove water from the device with the help of Siri, Apple’s virtual voice assistant.

The feature, called Water Eject, is compatible with any iPhone running iOS 12 or later. Since iOS 12 has been out since 2018, it can be said that all iPhones today can set up and use this “eject water” function.

It sounds hard to believe, but the fact that Water Eject has a fairly simple operating mechanism. This is a feature designed to help you quickly and easily remove water from your iPhone’s speaker.

Water damage can be a serious problem for smartphones and the Water Eject function prevents water from accumulating for too long, causing damage to the device.

When you activate the Water Eject function, Siri will automatically play a specific tone that is fine-tuned to push the water out of the speaker. The sound wave vibrations created by this sound can dislodge water trapped inside the diaphragm.

Water Eject function is available on iPhone models equipped with stereo speakers and waterproof design, applicable to iPhone 7 models and later. To use the water eject function, you must download the shortcut for this function and add it to the Shortcuts app. Here’s how.

The phone got wet: Don't worry, the iPhone has a 'miracle feature'  - Just one button and the water is blown out!  - Photo 1.

How to push water out of phone with Siri shortcut

In your iPhone’s web browser, download the Water Eject shortcut from the website.

Tap the “Get Shortcut” button. This will open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. (New iPhones come with the Shortcuts app pre-installed, but if your device doesn’t have it, you can download it from the App Store.) The Water Eject shortcut will then be installed.

It is done. You can now use Water Eject on your iPhone. If you want to customize, you can add additional actions or modify Water Eject settings in the Shortcuts app. When you’re done customizing your shortcut, tap “Done” to save the shortcut.

To activate the Water Eject function with a Siri shortcut, you can say “Hey Siri, run Water Eject” or go to the Shortcuts app and tap Water Eject. Then tap “Start” when the notification panel appears. At this time, the phone will emit buzzing sound waves, which can blow water out of the speaker diaphragm.

It’s important to remember that the Water Eject shortcut is not a perfect solution in case your phone has been exposed to water and may not be effective in all situations.

If your iPhone is completely submerged in water or exposed to moisture for a long time, we recommend that you seek help from professional technicians to ensure that it is completely dry. and any potential damage caused by water is thoroughly addressed.

Meanwhile, Water Eject will be the support solution in case water is splashed on the diaphragm or lightly watered. This feature is also more entertainment than real use.

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