The photo of the whole dust being filtered out by the clothes dryer makes everyone want to buy a machine immediately

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2021-10-25 22:11:18

Seeing this picture makes the clothes dryer “worth the money”, everyone. In addition to drying in all weather while protecting and making clothes last longer, a tumble dryer can also filter dust from fabrics. Everyone admits that every time the cloth dust filter is taken out, it is a shock, but this has partly proved this extremely interesting use of the clothes dryer.

Cloth dust clings to the dryer’s dust filter tray after 3 times of drying clothes (Photo: FB Tran Thi Phuong)

Many other accounts also share pictures of the dust filter tray after each use of their clothes dryer (Photo: FB Nguyen Trung Tuan, Hai Yen, Nguyen Minh Phuong, Vu Ngoc)

Under the post, many people agree that since buying the dryer, the clothes are much lighter and cleaner:

– After lightly drying the clothes, my house peels off a piece of dust every 2 batches.

– My house bought a dryer 3-4 years ago. After that, I added an air purifier and a bed vacuum cleaner because I suddenly looked at the pile of dust in the dryer and saw that everywhere in the bedroom was full of dust.

– In general, buying a dryer is really good, guys. My house was bought in the summer, there are days when the sun is terrible, but drying clothes for 1-2 hours is already dry, there are a few times when I regret the sun is still drying, then I leave the dryer for a while to filter the dust. Every time after drying, remove the dust filter to see the coffee. Many people say that their family is lazy. Admittedly lazy. Just having free time and improving health is not a crime to be lazy.

– Just because of this, I don’t want to dry in the usual way anymore, the dust and fine dust are too terrible.

– I have to admit that I have used the dryer to not expose it anymore because it filters fine dust, it must be said to be super terrible. My house has a small room but a lot of things before heavy stress because the room is always dusty. Even bought an air purifier and it still didn’t work, but since I brought you the dryer has been clean and tight.

The photo of the whole dust being filtered by the clothes dryer makes everyone want to buy a machine immediately - Photo 4.

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In addition, the association that has used a clothes dryer for a long time also realized an unusual point that many new users encountered. That is, you need to take out the dust filter tray to clean it after each use, do not let the dust accumulate in the tray because the machine’s life is reduced and there is a risk of fire:

Every time I dry my house, I take it out. Because I remember a few years ago, I read the manufacturer’s warning manual so that there is a risk of fire when drying, so always remember to remove it immediately.

– Drying and cleaning the filter every time, guys, but for this long, the cloth dust filter is not effective, but I also look at it.

– Must remove this dust regularly, my friend, after a batch of drying, remove that batch, the next batch will be finer and cleaner.

– Up to 2 times, this cloth dust tray should be cleaned to prevent the machine from overheating leading to machine damage.

– My house always cleans this filter every time when drying because this dust is catching on fire, the high heat drying cage has the potential to cause fire.

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