The Polygon-Ethereum Bridge is bringing Aavegotchi NFTs to the Rarible market

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2021-10-13 00:51:12

A new Polygon to Ethereum bridge is helping to bring Aavegotchi’s NFTs to the Rarible marketplace, opening up new access to users.

The Polygon-Ethereum Bridge is bringing Aavegotchi NFTs to the Rarible market

The NFT marketplace in Aavegotchi is Gotchi Bazaar, the largest NFT marketplace on Polygon with over $10.9 million in sales in the past month alone. The community has actually been waiting for Aavegotchi to appear on Ethereum for quite some time and the wait is finally over. On October 11, Aavegotchi started mass migration to Ethereum for the first time through Aavegotchi’s built-in Polygon-Ethereum bridge.

The launch also makes Aavegotchi one of the first NFT projects to originate from Polygon and a bridge back to Ethereum. Rarible is excited to partner with Aavegotchi to be the new Ethereum home of choice for the Aavegotchi community. Alex Salnikov, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Rarible said:

We’re excited to bring the Rarible and Aavegotchi communities together, welcoming new collectors and gamers to the Rarible ecosystem.

Each Aavegotchi is a collectible NFT ghost, assigned with a random score and rarity trait. They are 100% NFT playable on the blockchain. Players can earn XP and enhance their character’s appearance by equipping wearables and increasing their rarity to compete for rewards in GHST tokens.

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Rarible enjoyed great success last year, and this partnership is just one milestone among Rarible’s standout achievements. This is evidenced by Rarible’s revenue growth since 2020 which is expected to amount to 15x, to $14 million for 2021 revenue.

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