The price of Honda SH car dropped sharply to more than 10 million, Honda launched a new model with surprisingly cheap price

The price of Honda SH car dropped sharply to more than 10 million, Honda launched a new model with surprisingly cheap price


2023-03-29 01:47:46

Honda launched the ‘descendant’ of Honda SH for only 37 million, easily becoming the new ‘sales king’

Honda recently launched the Vario 125 scooter in Malaysia and will eventually launch the new scooter for other Asian markets. With an impressive appearance and many equipment beyond the price range, the Honda Vario 125 2023 promises to “follow in” the Honda SH to become a new icon in the scooter village in this market.

The Honda Vario 125 2023 borrows the style of the elder Vario 150. The aggressive headlight and taillight design also complements the sporty color options. Honda Vario 125 2023 offers users blue and black, yellow and gray as well as red and black color options.

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The price of Honda SH in Vietnam market fluctuates unexpectedly, there is a sharp reduction of more than 10 million VND

Since the end of March, the price of many motorcycle models from the Honda brand has fluctuated. In particular, typically most versions of Honda SH are having a slight increase in price due to a shortage of goods. Particularly, the Honda SH 350i version is discounted to more than 10 million VND.

Specifically, the selling price of Honda SH 350i has now plummeted to more than 130 million VND compared to the previous price of 140 – 145 million VND.

According to a survey at some agents in the city area. In Ho Chi Minh City, the high-end Honda SH 350i versions are currently priced at 131,273 million VND while the sports and special versions are priced at 132.68 million VND. The selling price of the special edition at some dealers is also slightly different, at 148.99 million.

Currently, Honda SH 350i is selling at the lowest price since its launch. This model is decreasing in price by nearly tens of millions of dong compared to previous months. There was a time when the price of the Honda SH 350i was raised by about 180-200 million VND. According to many salespeople at authorized Honda dealers, now is the golden time for Vietnamese customers to buy the model dubbed “King of Scooters” at the best price ever.

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A B-sized SUV with a price of more than 300 million is about to be launched, Toyota Corolla Cross has no door to compete

At a recent press conference, Omoda Philippines officially introduced the plan to open for sale the B-sized SUV Chery Omoda 5. Chery Omoda 5 is in the same segment as Toyota Corolla Cross, Honda HR-V and is also about to be launched. Vietnam in the near future. Previously, Chery Omoda 5 was also opened for sale in China with a starting price of VND 316 million.

The most notable point is the front of Chery Omoda 5. This train model is equipped with a large grille at the front, combined with a thin strip of LED daytime running lights, helping to give Chery Omoda 5 a very attractive appearance. Moving to the side of the car, Chery Omoda 5 owns 18-inch glossy black rims while at the rear, this B-SUV model impresses with LED taillights extending to the sides.

The interior of Chery Omoda 5 has a pretty nice design. Inside the interior compartment, Chery Omoda 5 is equipped with dual screens with a size of 10.25 inches, one for the digital instrument cluster and the other for the infotainment system. Chery Omoda 5 also supports wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Neta V electric car occupies the spotlight with a price of just over 300 million, the dealer date is not far away

At this year’s Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS), the Neta V all-electric crossover was officially introduced. Launched in Thailand in August last year, Neta V is a product of China’s Hozon Auto and is sold for 549,000 baht (equivalent to 378 million VND).

In terms of dimensions, the Neta V is smaller than the Perodua Ativa we have here, measuring 4,070 mm (-5 mm) long, 1,690 mm (-20 mm) wide, 1,540 mm (-95 mm) tall and in body length. base 2,420 mm (-105 mm). Neta V’s exterior design is futuristic with many exterior color options. Like many other electric cars, the Neta V does not have a grille.

Built on the HPC platform, the Neta V features a front-mounted electric motor of 95 PS (94 hp or 70 kW) and 150 Nm of torque, powered by a 38-watt lithium-ion battery, 5 kWh. The Neta V has a range of 384 km by NEDC standards (WLTP figures are usually around 20% lower).

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