The price of Honda Vision suddenly fluctuated to an unbelievable threshold, Vietnamese customers continued to race to pay money

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2022-09-23 06:35:01

According to a survey at some dealers, the price of some scooter models that many Vietnamese customers like, such as Honda SH 150i ABS, Honda Vision … started to increase after a stable period.

Specifically, Honda Vision is being quoted by some Honda dealers in Hanoi at VND 37 – 36 million depending on version and color. Thus, the price of “Tieu SH” at the dealer is 7 – 10 million VND higher per car compared to the suggested price of 30 – 35 million VND that the company offers.

Honda Vision is a model that is loved by many Vietnamese customers

Explaining the price increase of Honda Vision, a salesperson of a Honda dealer in Tran Nhan Tong Street, Hanoi said that the source of goods is still not really abundant even though it is less dry than before. Meanwhile, the number of cars sold to dealers is very fast due to the great demand from customers for the Honda Vision model.

Meanwhile, the sales staff at the Honda dealer on Nguyen Khanh Toan Street, Hanoi, said the price of some scooter models increased more than before due to the demand from parents to buy cars for their children to go to university. higher. Especially, many parents choose to buy Honda Vision because this model is quite compact and has a suitable price. The increased demand causes car prices to be inflated as a result. Even though they have to spend a higher amount than the company’s proposed price, customers still have to book in advance to get the car next month because the number of cars on the dealer is quite small, each version only has 1-2 cars.

Honda Vision has a beautiful, compact design and is very suitable for Vietnamese users

In the Vietnamese market, Honda Vision is a model that is loved by many customers thanks to its many advantages. This model, dubbed “Tieu SH”, has an impressive, modern and dynamic design. The car is equipped with a smart LED light system, sharp car lines, and resonance details on the front to help Honda Vision have a strong and unique sporty appearance.

The manufacturer provides Honda Vision with a set of 16-inch cast wheels with a strong design. When driving Honda Vision, users have a wide view with a high, upright driving posture. “Little SH” has a striking sporty look thanks to a modern watch face that combines traditional and digital technology, prominent texture lines on the side and front of the car.

Although Honda Vision is priced higher than the company’s proposal, there are still many customers looking to buy it

The “heart” of Honda Vision is a 110cc eSP intelligent engine block, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled with compact design, integrated with advanced technologies: Dynamic shutdown system Idling Stop engine, ACG starter and PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. These technologies help Honda Vision to save fuel very well with a consumption of 1.83 liters / 100 km.

In addition, Honda Vision also owns many utilities such as: Headlights with automatic lighting, Smart Key smart key system, phone charger, spacious trunk, front storage compartment.

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