The price of iPhone 7 next to the New Year 2023 dropped unexpectedly, reaching the bottom at a cheap price, as low as the genuine Nokia C31

The price of iPhone 7 next to the New Year 2023 dropped unexpectedly, reaching the bottom at a cheap price, as low as the genuine Nokia C31

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2023-01-18 19:31:39

Although not on the list of supporting iOS 16, iPhone 7 is still widely available for sale at many stores selling used iPhones. This is considered an outstanding cheap iPhone option during the Tet holiday because to buy an old iPhone 7, users only have to spend approximately the same amount as a Nokia C31.

How much does iPhone 7 cost?

According to a survey in early November, many stores still sell iPhone 7 as second-hand goods like new. In particular, the international 32GB iPhone 7 is priced from VND 2,290,000 on par with the new Nokia C31. This reduction is equivalent to about 200,000 VND compared to the beginning of October.

Meanwhile, the 128GB iPhone 7 is also priced at VND 3,990,000 and the 256GB version costs VND 4,390,000. This reflects the fact that even though it is nearly 6 years old, the iPhone 7 is still appreciated on par with cheap smartphones like the Galaxy A04.

Is the iPhone 7 configuration enough to use in 2023?

The iPhone 7 released in September 2016 was Apple’s last iPhone to use the traditional unibody aluminum back design. Meanwhile, the front is still a legendary design with a home button cum fingerprint sensor. With Apple, this design is still maintained and applied on the iPhone SE 2022, which was launched on March 8.

iPhone 7 is equipped with a 4.7-inch Retina IPS LCD screen that is loved by many users thanks to its compactness. The screen has a maximum brightness of 625 nits and is not too difficult to see when used in bright outdoor conditions.

Inside, iPhone 7 uses Apple A10 Fusion chip (16 nm) consisting of 4 cores with a maximum speed of 2.34 GHz (including 2 high-speed Hurricane cores and 2 energy-saving Zephyr cores. It is twice as powerful. With this chip, Apple is still providing full iOS 15 support for the device.

iPhone 7 photo quality compared to other higher-end iPhone models and phones

Is the iPhone 7 camera beautiful?

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 also has a single 12MP camera that supports the most basic shooting capabilities. Although there is no portrait or night shot, the image quality is still quite good and acceptable when compared to the newer and more expensive iPhones.

Should I buy an iPhone 7?

In terms of value, it’s clear that the old iPhone 7 for sale mentioned above is still a better option in terms of features. However, when buying an old iPhone 7, users need to be careful about the battery because over time, this device may no longer have the same high battery capacity as the original and even need to be replaced.

When buying a device, users also need to note asking the seller to log out of all iCloud accounts. In case you want something new and durable, the new Nokia C31 at the same price as the iPhone 7 can bring. give you more benefits.

Where to buy iPhone 7?

Currently, iPhone 7 is still widely sold at many retail systems. So users can consider buying there. Priority should be given to systems with a long-term warranty policy. Besides, iPhone 7 is also sold a lot on e-commerce site systems. However, users need to pay close attention before accessing this purchase channel.

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