The price of iPhone SE 2022 in September, breaking a brand new box under 10 million makes people surprised

The price of iPhone SE 2022 in September, breaking a brand new box under 10 million makes people surprised

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2022-09-04 00:59:45

iPhone SE 2022, launched earlier this year, is a product that is not appreciated by users and technology circles because of its old design, small screen and low battery.

To compensate for that weakness, the iPhone SE 2022 has the power of an iPhone 13 with a “small but mighty” single camera. Moreover, the iPhone SE 2022 also comes with a price that is considered to be extremely cheap.

iPhone SE price 2022

When it was first launched, iPhone SE 2022 returned to Vietnam with a selling price of nearly 13 million VND, However at the beginning of September 2022, the price of iPhone SE 2022 currently recorded a price of only 9,990,000 VND for the 64GB version with I think it’s down to 3 million. The 128GB version is also priced from only 11,990,000 VND while the 256 GB version costs 14,990,000 VND.

This is the fastest drop ever for a new iPhone. Of course, the main reason is because the iPhone SE 2022 does not change anything about the design. The appearance of the iPhone SE 2022 is almost no different from the iPhone 6 launched nearly 10 years ago with a fingerprint sensor home button.

Configuration iPhone SE 2022

However, the iPhone SE 2022 also makes an impression that it is equipped with Apple’s most powerful chip for mobile devices today, the A15 Bionic with the ability to handle tasks, image processing is almost not inferior to any other device. Any competitor in the same price range.

In addition, iPhone SE 2022 also has a large battery upgrade that helps it have 2 more hours of use compared to the previous generation.

Although there is only a single 12MP camera on the rear, the iPhone SE 2022 has a huge image processing ability from the chip, so it produces image quality that is not inferior to the main camera of the iPhone 13. What it lacks is just a wide-angle lens, not particularly necessary

Should I buy iPhone SE 2022?

Overall, if users have no problem with the design of the iPhone SE 2022, this smartphone is actually a pretty good choice for all needs for at least another 3 years.

Do not buy iPhone SE 2022 if you need a large screen smartphone to meet diverse entertainment needs. In this case, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 would probably be a better choice.

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