The price of iPhone XR dropped dramatically in mid-July, from only VND 6.9 million, cheaper than the Galaxy A52s

The price of iPhone XR dropped dramatically in mid-July, from only VND 6.9 million, cheaper than the Galaxy A52s


2022-07-25 13:13:40

Entering July 2022, as recorded in the used phone market, iPhone XR is currently a fever name when it has a very good discount for Vietnamese customers.

With the same price as a mid-range Android device like the Nokia G50, users will get many advanced features such as Retina display, FaceID and taking photos to remove fonts.

iPhone XR from only 5.3 million

Accordingly, many iPhone XR Lock models are sold at private stores with prices ranging from only VND 6.9 million to VND 7.69 million depending on the memory version. This is really a very good price for a smartphone with a very new and very powerful design language for many years to come.

It should be known that, the new iPhone XR was only stopped by Apple from September last year after the launch of the iPhone 13. On the market, currently iPhone XR models are still sold genuine with prices from 12.49 million VND for the 64GB version. So the price from only 6.39 million really surprised many users. This price is just like a new Nokia G50.

However, not only iPhone XR Lock has a good price, even the old international iPhone XR recorded a selling price of 7.79 million VND for the 64GB version.

iPhone XR Lock sold in July 2022 is guaranteed by dealers for 12 months, most of which have the advertised appearance of 99% and the battery less than 90%.

Hardware configuration of iPhone XR

Currently, the iPhone XR’s A12 Bionic chip is still very powerful and can meet most of the users’ needs from surfing the web, watching movies or playing popular Mobile games. As for the camera, the iPhone XR only has a single camera, but it can take portraits to remove fonts easily.

The point that makes it worth the money lies in the second-generation FaceID device that offers the most advanced screen unlocking method on the market today. With the iPhone XR, users still have to accept the outdated LCD screen.

Should I buy a cheap iPhone XR Lock?

Compared to buying genuine iPhone XR or used international iPhone XR, buying iPhone XR will help users save a lot of costs. However, it also comes with many limitations such as having to use a paired SIM.

In addition, users also face a high risk when Apple’s security flaw updates will make iPhone Lock unable to be used to make calls or even be locked.

Besides, when using iPhone XR Lock, users often cannot freely update to new iOS like genuine or international devices, so they will not be able to enjoy many of the latest features.

Therefore, only if you really want to experience the iPhone XR at the cheapest price and can’t spend more, the Lock version is the choice. If you can spend more, buying an original iPhone XR or a second-hand international iPhone XR would be a safer, less risky choice. With such a cheap price, the Nokia XR Lock feels more “tasty” than a mid-range phone like the Nokia G50.

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