The price of iPhone XS Max at the end of September fell to a record low, the performance overwhelmed both iPhone 11 and Galaxy A53

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2022-09-23 00:28:43

Launched 4 years ago, the iPhone XS Max still proves its solid position when it is always rated as the “best iPhone camera”. Even when the iPhone 14 is released, there are still many customers “hunting” for the iPhone XS Max because of its outstanding features.

iPhone XS Max great price drop at the end of September

Because it was launched a long time ago, the market is no longer selling the newly unboxed iPhone XS Max, but only the Like New 99% is like new. The iPhone XS Max Like New 64GB version is being sold for only VND 8,490,000, on par with the Galaxy A53.

The 256GB version is only slightly more than 2 million, at 10,190,000 VND. The 512GB version is also only from 11,390,000 VND, on par with the iPhone 11 but has a large screen, a “top” camera cluster that overwhelms the next generation.

iPhone XS Max Design

iPhone XS Max has the same design as iPhone X with stainless steel frame, tempered glass surface with signature notch cutout, and dual rear cameras for an elegant and luxurious look.

iPhone XS Max configuration

iPhone XS Max has a large 6.5-inch full-screen display with HDR standard and 120Hz refresh rate support similar to the newly launched iPhone 14. Moreover, the screen of the iPhone XS Max is even larger than that of the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 inches), providing an extremely satisfying entertainment experience.

The phone is powered by the world’s first powerful 7nm A12 Bionic chip. Apple also supports and brings many software updates to help users feel secure to use without worrying about “outdated” iPhone XS Max.

Not stopping there, the iPhone XS Max also has a larger battery than the iPhone 11, allowing for 90 minutes longer use than the iPhone X. So you can use the phone throughout the day, taking continuous shots. continuously while traveling without carrying a spare battery.

The iPhone that takes the best photos

Even when the iPhone 14 was released, the iPhone XS Max was still dubbed “Apple’s most beautiful iPhone camera”. Despite only owning a dual 12MP camera cluster, the imaging technology on the iPhone XS Max is still something that the Samsung Galaxy A53 is very difficult to do.

Should buy iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 for the same price?

With a price of less than 10 million, it is clear that the iPhone XS Max is much more appreciated than the mid-range rival Galaxy A53 from Samsung. Even compared to iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max is still marginally better because of its large screen and battery capacity, beautiful camera cluster “out of sauce”.

However, when buying active phones, you should carefully check your ability to make calls, take pictures, connect to the Internet, screen, … to avoid buying a poor quality phone.

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