The price reduction of Kia K5 to the floor makes Vietnamese customers “fever”, Toyota Camry and Mazda6 “stunned”

The price reduction of Kia K5 to the floor makes Vietnamese customers “fever”, Toyota Camry and Mazda6 “stunned”


2022-09-08 03:40:51

(CHK) Kia K5 has been applied by dealers with extremely attractive incentives to be able to create a sales push, creating great pressure for Toyota Camry and Mazda6.

The selling price of the Kia K5 sedan at some dealers in Ninh Binh and Hanoi has been slightly adjusted in September 2022. Specifically, according to the sales consultant at the dealer, the K5 2.0 Premium version is enjoying a discount of 5 million VND. Meanwhile, the most advanced GT Line version even has a discount of up to VND 25 million. This is certainly an information that makes rivals like Toyota Camry and Mazda6 unable to help but worry.

Can Kia K5 with a huge incentive program “break through” before Toyota Camry and Mazda6?

With strong incentives from dealers, the Kia K5 2.0 Premium version is now priced at 929 million VND and the GT Line version is priced at 1,029 billion VND. Meanwhile, the selling price of the K5 Luxury version remains the same at VND 874 million. This price is relatively attractive when compared to competitors such as Toyota Camry or Mazda6.

Although the Luxury version does not have a discount program and does not have a major incentive, but according to a sales consultant in Hanoi, this version can still be slightly reduced depending on the determination to buy a car. of the user and depending on the agent and sales consultant.

The discount Kia K5 is a move to stimulate Vietnamese customers when this sedan is quite short of breath in the sales race with Toyota Camry. The cumulative sales by the end of July of Kia K5 is only 1,197 units, while Toyota Camry has surpassed the milestone of 3,000 units.

Kia K5 has a beautiful design no less than Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Mazda6

Although behind Toyota Camry, Kia K5 is still selling much better than Honda Accord (174 cars), Mazda6 (685 cars). The price reduction promises to help Kia K5 widen the gap with Mazda6 and Honda Accord.

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