The programmer found the easter egg to be super interesting but has been thoroughly hidden for the past 25 years on Windows 95

The programmer found the easter egg to be super interesting but has been thoroughly hidden for the past 25 years on Windows 95


2021-04-01 16:37:45

Easter egg is a term used to refer to the microscopic details related to one or more famous factors in society or popular culture. They are subtly inserted into their works by the author, sometimes difficult to detect to increase the interest of the viewer, the reader or the player. Easter eggs can be “hidden” in any field, mainly movies or video games, and sometimes in familiar computer software.

Recently, programmer alias Albacore discovered a super interesting easter egg in the Windows 95 Internet Mail app – 25 years after its release, opening up a list of other programmers’ names. contributed to this software. Before that, no one had discovered the easter egg mentioned above, meaning it has been successfully hidden for more than two decades.

Easter egg hidden in Internet Mail software of Windows 95 has been “unearthed” so far.

Sharing on Twitter personally, Albacore said: “It is never too late to find new easter eggs. I have come across a detail that is probably not noticed by anyone in Internet Mail of Windows 95 / IE4. All you need to do is open the app’s About window, select one of the displayed files, and enter the command MORTIMER. A list of its programmer / developer names will start showing up and running automatically“.

More specifically, to access this easter egg, you need to boot Internet Mail> Help> About. When the About window appears, select the comctl32.dll file (just click once to highlight this file) and type MORTIMER. At this point, a small window will automatically run the list of programmers who created Internet Mail, just like the credits of a movie.

Before that, Albacore also shared a video of another easter egg related to Windows 95, but the list of the OS’s developers. Sharing with BleepingComputer, he says how to find it is a little more complicated: First, you need to create a folder called “and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for” and rename it. “we proudly present for your viewing pleasure”, finally changed to “The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!”. The operations are clearly very simple, do not require any in-depth computer knowledge, but are extremely dexterous and difficult to figure out on your own.

To simplify the process, Albacore edited the shell32.dll file. From here, just go to the folder called “Clouds” and a list of Windows 95’s developers will automatically display, like the video below. In addition, the MIDI background music will definitely make many people feel nostalgic about a time when they are first getting used to the computer world, with simple but attractive games on this operating system.

Here is the easter egg from Windows 95’s team of developers, also recently discovered by Albacore.

According to BleepingComputer

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