The reason you should buy the Pureit Delica UR5840 water purifier right away from Unilever

The reason you should buy the Pureit Delica UR5840 water purifier right away from Unilever


2022-08-16 08:54:42

Smart germicidal UV electronic faucet

One of the most outstanding features of the Delica UR5840 water purifier is the smart germicidal electronic faucet. The UV LED lamp located in the electronic faucet body not only kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, but also has a longer lifespan than traditional UV lamps.

In addition, this electronic screen integrated faucet also provides a lot of important information to the user. Notably, the TDS index (total volume of dissolved solids existing in a volume of water), helps users easily monitor water quality and feel secure in the process of using clean water. The electronic display on the faucet always displays the life of the 3 filter cartridges visually, in real time, making it easy for users to remember the replacement time. The faucet of the Delica UR5840 water purifier is made of 304 stainless steel material, ensuring the safety and quality of water during use.

Smart, modern electronic faucet from Delica UR5840 water purifier

The fastest water filtration speed on the market

The speed of water purification is definitely a factor that many people care about. While most water purifiers on the market use reverse osmosis (RO) technology with an average filtration capacity of about 400GPD, the Delica UR5840 water purifier has a capacity of up to 800GPD. This allows the product to achieve a fast flow rate of 2L/min. With the above machine, you can fill a 120ml cup with pure water in just 3.6 seconds.

The reason you should buy a Pureit Delica UR5840 water purifier from Unilever - Photo 2.

It only takes 3.6 seconds to fill a 120ml glass of water with the Pureit Delica UR5840 water purifier

State-of-the-art cleaning technology standard bottled water quality

70% of the human body is water, so the quality of the water you put into your body needs to be clean and safe for health. Delica UR5840 uses an exclusive and advanced filtration technology called DURAVivaTM, which is able to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and pollutants thanks to its premium RO membrane and eco-friendly carbon fibers. .

The rate of removal of bacteria, viruses, parasites and harmful substances is up to 99% and remains effective even when tested in high TDS water conditions. This 99% cleaning capacity is maintained throughout the operating life. Another great advantage of DURAVivaTM technology is that it extends the life of the filter element by more than 30% thanks to its anti-scale design, and the RO membrane with a large carbon mass.

Elegant design, safe with leak sensor

The Delica UR5840 features a monolithic molded filter element, making it easy to replace, while reducing the risk of leaks and benefiting better water quality through intelligently designed valve and coupling assemblies to direct water flow with fewer points. connection.

In addition, this product has a sleek, modern kitchen cabinet design that is 70% more compact than many other traditional tank water purifiers.

High degree of automation

Delica UR5840 water purifier also has the ability to automatically handle many important operations, saving effort for users. The machine has the ability to self-clean the filter element when connected to the power source or self-clean for 30 seconds after every 12 hours of operation. In addition, the water leak sensor helps to maximize the protection of the device and the user’s kitchen area.

“Super product” Pureit Delica UR5840 water purifier has just been launched in August, has an official selling price of 18,900,000 VND. On the occasion of the launch, the product is discounted to only VND 14,900,000 and a gift set worth VND 550,000.

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