The reasons iPhone 12 Pro Max becomes a ‘bargain’ during Tet

The reasons iPhone 12 Pro Max becomes a ‘bargain’ during Tet

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2023-01-24 07:56:40

In the past few days, iPhone 12 Pro Max seems to be the most sought-after product. So why is the old-generation product model launched 2 years ago becoming so “hot”. In this article, we will take a look at some of the reasons below.

Powerful performance, beautiful design but very ‘loving’ price

iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with Apple A14 Bionic processor, 6GB of RAM and a screen size of up to 6.7 inches to deliver very smooth and fast performance in today’s mobile world. In practical experience, iPhone 12 Pro Max offers a powerful user experience that is not much inferior to current high-end phone models, even somewhat superior thanks to its good battery life and system. operating iOS with a massive app store.

Besides, the device still possesses the “trendy” design of the iPhone 13 Series and iPhone 14 Series seniors with square edges, luxurious colors and a very high level of finishing. Currently, the price of used iPhone 12 Pro max is about 15~17 million VND depending on the form and capacity, even a slight decrease of 1~2 million VND compared to the beginning of December, due to the USD/USD exchange rate. VND decreased by 10~15% compared to the previous month, making Apple’s older generation iPhone models at a very reasonable price.

Abundant stock

According to some dealers in the Vietnamese market, the number of used iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently very abundant, mainly from areas such as Hong Kong (China). Therefore, iPhone 12 Pro Max becomes a sought-after phone because of its ability to meet supply and demand very well. It is known that sales of this product model increased by 30% compared to November, the highest in 2022.

New generation iPhone has a higher probability of ‘risk’

One of the next reasons that makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max an almost ‘perfect’ choice, is the serious screen failure that is happening on the iPhone 13 Pro Max product line. In Vietnam, AASP has recorded the screen error rate for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max series at 30% and 40%, respectively. Currently, the screen replacement price for iPhone 13 Pro Max is up to 10 million VND.

Besides, the current selling price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is very high, the standard internal memory version is up to 29 million VND, nearly double that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

So should buy iPhone 12 Pro Max or not?

iPhone 12 Pro Max can be considered a ‘bargain’ at the moment. Thanks to the perfect combination between design, price and configuration. However, most iPhone 12 Pro Max models are mostly used old products, so the risk of damage is also higher than new devices. Therefore, you should look to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max at reputable dealers with reasonable warranty for a more reassuring experience.

Wishing readers to buy a satisfactory iPhone before the new year.

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