The roadblock Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 revealed with a unique 3-piece folding design

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2021-11-05 19:45:25

(CHK) In the near future, the Galaxy Z Fold3 product line may face a formidable opponent from Huawei.

Recently, experts have revealed a latest folding screen mobile phone, the screen of this phone is designed in a three-segment style.

The technology world immediately understood the problem and said that this new phone came from Huawei. However, it has not been ordered into production for the time being, but the possibility of mass production and listing will not be ruled out in the future.

Leaked photos of Huawei’s “triple” screen mobile phone

According to the leaked images, Huawei’s folding phone can actually turn into 3 segments. Each segment has a different size and splits into two separate screens. Meanwhile, the best folding phone right now is the Galaxy Z Fold3 which can only fold in half.

The phone uses a Kirin series chip and supports 5G, which is rare because Huawei is currently under an embargo on exposure to 5G-related technologies.

The design and production of double-folding screens is more difficult than current folding phones. The design will be very difficult to avoid a crease. Trifold folding has higher requirements for quality control, materials and craftsmanship.

In addition, optimizing the system, software, etc. also requires the manufacturer’s software and hardware engineers to perform extremely carefully and in fact, it is very challenging for every manufacturer. appear now. However, compared to giants like Samsung or Apple, Huawei is not inferior in terms of hardware production capacity as well as software optimization.


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