The Samsung Galaxy Note will return next year

The Samsung Galaxy Note will return next year


2021-03-22 04:31:40

According to a recent report, Samsung may not launch the Galaxy Note in 2021, due to a shortage of processor chips. However, Samsung has no intention of killing the Note line.

As reported by Yonhap in Korea, head of IT and mobile communications Koh Dong-jin, who is commonly known as DJ Koh, has said that Samsung will skip the launch of a new Galaxy Note. in this year. Because it would be difficult to launch two flagship smartphones that both support the S-Pen in the same year.

Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first smartphone not in the Note line of Samsung, but with S-Pen support. Some rumors suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 folding screen smartphone in the future will also support the S-Pen pen.

The global shortage of chips also contributed to this decision. The chip crisis is posing serious challenges for the South Korean giant, and could affect the production of mid-range or low-cost smartphones.

Director DJ Koh said that the Galaxy Note series will return next year, however he also added that the launch timeframe is likely to change. Samsung usually launches Galaxy Note line in Q3 every year.

Sales of folding screen smartphones currently account for only a very small part of Samsung’s total smartphone sales. And given that Samsung’s market share has declined over the past few months, it doesn’t seem like the best idea to replace the iconic Note line with foldable smartphones.

Looking from another perspective, it’s possible Samsung is gambling to see if the foldable Galaxy Z Fold line with the S-Pen can appeal to Galaxy Note series users. If this gamble fails, Samsung will continue to return to its traditional Note line next year.

If successful, will the Note line be replaced and killed? We cannot be sure that will not happen.

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