The sayings listen to the hearing, the winter is cool and impressive

The sayings listen to the hearing, the winter is cool and impressive


2021-04-01 01:17:23

Please post on Facebook, Zalo, Instagram … the list of words about winter, winter hearing stt 2021, winter listening cap, winter’s poems are very cool and quality below. Who knows, these winter love quotes will help you earn “bears”, quickly defeat your crush and eliminate loneliness in this cold winter.

No. 2021 winter hearing drop

1. In this cold weather, if you can hug someone, it will be very happy.

2. I don’t want you to catch a cold when winter comes, let me warm your heart.

3. I’m still single, don’t be so romantic, dear winter.

4. It’s crowded, I still haven’t found peace in noisy city. Is it because of the lack of you, the lack of warmth from those hands, from those eyes, from that smile, very close but very far away. Hurry and find me, lest winter is almost over.

5. The season may change from winter to spring, but my love for you will continue as the world ends.

6. Whether it’s winter or summer, whether it’s cold or hot, I’m always beautiful. Fortunately, I found you in a sea of ​​people.

7. My love for you will never change whether Winter comes, Spring comes, year after year.

7. Winter is here, and I love the blanket in my bed the most.

8. When Dong comes home, my favorite thing is to be in your arms.

9. The winter is over, the shirt is fragile and there is no one to hold it, the arm is cold and there is no one to hold it, it is also boring to go out on the street and alone. Going to buy a cake, looking around the shop is full of couples.

10. Winter calls for wind, calls for cold, calls for snow, calls for rain. This winter also calls for sadness, calls for questioning, calls for nostalgia and calls for loneliness. Feelings like that always cling to me when calling you.

Find me, lest the end of winter

Winter hearing cap

11. Alone people, those who are forgotten by love, including you … winter is a very long obsession.

12. There are loneliness that only the cold afternoon rain can understand, there are sadness that only winter can understand …

13. Darling, why are you looking for me for a long time but still can’t find you?

14. I want to hug you all winter because you are warmer than summer. You can turn a cloudy day in my life into a bright sunny day.

16. To be with you this winter, my world is on fire.

17. This winter is too cold, not only cold on the outside but also cold in the heart.

18. A lonely feeling of emptiness, I feel my heart cold as I sit by the window watching the old trees shed all their leaves, bare to welcome the drizzling rain and the cold wind of winter.

19. The wind is cold at the beginning of the season, dear dear, remember to wear warm clothes when going out. And always remember, every time you need your hand to be by your side.

20. “What are we each other?”. I still have no answer no matter how many summers we have been together, how many winters we have been together.

The cold wind at the beginning of the season is coming, my dear, remember to wear warm clothes on the street

Winter speech drop hearing

21. Don’t close your heart. Open your heart to know that you can still feel warm in the middle of winter.

22. The winter wind blew, the room was huge. I closed the door but I still feel cold.

23. In winter, the north wind is cold. Who do you know how to warm up with?

24. We missed each other in summer, we will get married in winter. If we can’t marry each other in our youth, we will come together when we are widowed and old.

25. This east is still the same, people are still far from me, and I’m still alone.

26. The cold without him is more terrible than the cold of winter.

27. This afternoon, winter winds have flooded Hanoi, I greeted winter with a tired smile. It seems that the love is always roaming, so we forget about you, so that winter will come back to warm the wasted thoughts of the heart.

28. I’m in need of a vacation. Someone please kidnap me with you.

29. My God! I bow my head and pray for this winter to be with the one I love.

30. There is someone who compliments winter is not cold because it is wrapped in someone’s arms. And I sighed without cold because the hot tears poured in.

Winter poetry

With the winter poems full of warm emotions, you will feel the burning love fire that warms so many lonely hearts in cold weather. Besides the winter love quotes above, you can also send these winter poems to your loved ones!

1. I’m afraid winter brings cold rain
Small shoulders are not wet
Fear of being alone with a fragile feeling
When the sky needs more warmth.

2. Chrysanthemum is blooming in the middle of winter
I would like to send flowers to that domain
White chrysanthemum says how much you love
As passionate rays of sunshine on East days.

3. Afternoon quietly! This winter comes soon
Sad clouds crept past
I hurriedly brushed the ivory hair on the porch
Heard to feel lonely far from the bank.

4. East has returned, where are you?
But let me find forever crumpled nostalgia?
It was cold, but no one reminded
Go to the street, wear a scarf, and wear warm clothes.

5. This time, the winter is cold to hear too cold
The word of love is also far away
How much pain filled with pain
The old people, I still remember the promise.

6. Winter wind, please do not blow yet
Bringing cold rain wet my heart
Wind is coming, why haven’t you come
Temple for him dry lips.

7. There is a winter called happiness,
There is a winter that sows hope,
There is a winter of nostalgia,
There is a winter with the name of the loved one!

8. Outside at night, the wind comes back cold
I’m alone with the pillow in the room
Cry for the unfinished life a wish
When trying to forget the sob more and more sob.

9. Cold winter.
Fragile clothes.
What I want most.
It’s your bracelet.

10. A sad winter afternoon, fog spreads all over the way
The wind blew slightly with nostalgia
My dear, the cold has overflowed?
Is it cold? There is sadness?


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