The secret to increasing translation season revenue for service shops when converting from offline to online

The secret to increasing translation season revenue for service shops when converting from offline to online


2021-03-27 09:47:23

The face-off blow from the Covid-19 epidemic made most service enterprises struggling to find a way out. Most businesses have difficulty transitioning from an offline to an online business. Chatbots in particular and automation solutions in marketing in general are seen as magic pills to help businesses overcome difficulties.

Moving from an offline to an online business is not difficult but it is not impossible

The sudden emergence of the pandemic is a testament to the fact that most businesses are now too dependent on offline business models. Until being “forbidden from the river market”, the new house started flocking to the online model to save themselves. At first glance, there is a simple part, the same business model, only different in the way to reach customers. However, the reality is not as many people think.

Moving the model from offline to online inadvertently makes most businesses confused. They don’t know how to communicate effectively with customers. They still keep the habit of focusing on products / services but forget how to retain online customers. They let customers wait in frustration simply because the last employee “forgot” or missed it. Consequently, the more they convert, the less efficient their business is. So where is the cause?

Perhaps, due to too much emphasis on offline activities, most businesses lack the essentials to operate online activities. They are not or are not used to being on duty regularly to receive orders, receive customer feedback continuously 24/7. This basically creates a disadvantage for the business itself as well as the consumer. And in the service industry, this is seen as taboo.

Chatbot – A shield to help businesses maintain revenue during the epidemic season

With the online model, instead of arranging staff to serve directly, they are shifted to focus on online customer care and management. Trouble will arise when this team does not always promptly receive and respond to customers at the right time and at the right time.

Chatbot helps businesses communicate with customers in real time.

In order to solve this problem, autoresponder solutions were gradually formed. Initially, they were just called inanimate tools with the sole purpose of providing information pre-installed by businesses to customers. Gradually, with the development of technology, the soul being blown into these tools turns them into virtual assistants with the appearance and full of human behaviors.

These virtual assistants will completely replace the existing customer service staff. Businesses can be on duty to communicate with customers 24/7 while not spending too much money for such a solution. At this point, the problem of converting from offline to online has been somewhat solved.

Chatbot for the ultimate customer experience

In fact, the most interesting point of a virtual assistant is not just being available 24/7 to respond to customers like that. On a higher level, with the help of technology, the virtual assistants themselves are created to enhance the customer experience, differentiating the competition from the competition.

What is better than when a virtual assistant can provide customers with necessary documents related to automation solutions in business marketing can also advise the most suitable solutions based on on the needs as well as the situation of each different business. Even, it can understand, predict or more advanced is to evoke new needs for businesses to bring solutions to help them optimize their operations at their businesses.

Immerse yourself in the chatbot ecosystem with Bizfly

Digital transformation is going every lane, door knocking on door to door and Covid-19 is just the agent that makes the digital transition faster. For businesses in the service industry, chatbots seem to be the first side-by-side solution to initiate this digital transformation.

However, that doesn’t mean there will be a universal chatbot to serve every need of all industries. With the characteristics of each industry, optimizing the chatbot to address each different needs will be the top factor. At Bizfly, businesses can actively choose for themselves smart “virtual assistants” customized for their own needs. A “no contact” chatbot system will definitely bring higher efficiency than the chatbot developed in “industrial” form.

With the slogan “whoever you are, Bizfly Chat is right for you” has helped us to realize the needs into different product lines spanning from the culinary, spa, travel or fashion fields lice are science, seminars. Come and try chatting with each of Bizfly’s “virtual assistants” to feel this difference. Interested readers can learn more about Bizfly’s chatbot solutions here.

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