The Sparrow Goes to the Sun speaks out about the loss of 1.3 million followers on the fanpage, revealing the details of the “unacceptable” contract.

The Sparrow Goes to the Sun speaks out about the loss of 1.3 million followers on the fanpage, revealing the details of the “unacceptable” contract.


2021-06-16 04:47:55

On June 14, gamer Chim Se Going to the Sun (real name Nguyen Duc Binh) officially established a new fanpage, after the old fanpage with 1.3 million followers was withdrawn by Ego Media Company.

According to information from Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hung, President of Ego Media, in order to harmonize the interests of the previously signed partners and the purpose of maintaining and developing the AoE community, the two sides have come up with a cooperation agreement during the period. 12 months since the Sparrow Goes to the Sun separated from Ego Media from June 1, 2021. After 12 months, Ego Media will give back the Sun Sparrow related assets such as Page, Youtube and the Group will let the two sides build and develop the community.

However, after the two parties signed the agreement, Ego Media handed over the rights to the Sparrow Go Sunny Studio to operate on its own, but the Sparrow Go Sunny Studio side did not comply with the commitment and proposed to re-sign the agreement, otherwise it will not comply with the agreement. do not accept to perform any content whether it is an unfinished old contract or a new contract. Therefore, forcing Ego Media to revoke the management rights of Fanpage and Youtube from June 14, 2021 to resolve.

Just 1 day after Ego Media shared the information, the gamer Sparrow went to the sun also personally spoke to clarify the agreement between the two sides, and also revealed more about the relationship with the company that Chim Sparrow Go Sunny has been attached since the early days, is Game TV.

Here is the entire share of the gamer Sparrow Go to the Sun:

“Hi everybody!

I myself, after publicizing the new Fanpage, do not intend to say much about this issue, simply will work with the goal of developing the community. But perhaps there are many negative thoughts at this time, so I have to speak up.

1. The story starts from the time when the entire Team GameTV and the team left the GTV company. This issue has never been talked about, but the truth is that the entire Team (Chim Se, Manh Hao, U98, Bui Phuong Nam, Hai Mario, Kami) at that time did not have any contradictions or feelings of dissatisfaction. with the remuneration of GTV company.

All activities and exit strategy are under the direction and arrangement of Mr. Hung and the leadership. Of course, the brothers followed Mr. Hung completely voluntarily, but the story that everyone is understanding in the direction of Team leaving the company when the contract was still on and being sued, Mr. Hung extended his hand to save it. In fact, at that time, GTV still had tournaments, invested in community development… The relationship between me and GTV, including a Nguyen Hoang Kien, from the time I left until now, is still completely normal. .

2. Regarding the 12-month cooperation agreement as stated by Mr. Hung, I would like to share the following:

– Ego Media will return the entire ownership of Fanpage, YouTube channel to me on the condition that all related revenue is shared for 12 months, including:

+ Share the revenue related to the Fan page of the Sun Sparrow, the Official YouTube channel of the Sparrow Go to the Sun.

+ Share your business revenue.

+ The business contracts pushed by Ego Media, I will execute and get a very low % of the contract value. The number here is not convenient for me to say, but the terms are in a very favorable direction for Ego Media.

+ In addition, I have to support the bet to give live to Ego gamers every month from 10 to 15 hours.

During the implementation of the cooperation agreement, the following issues occurred:

– The fan page of the Sparrow Goes to the Sun at that time lost the monetization function (according to the parties’ understanding, the cause of this problem came from the admin account of the Ego Media company), the loss of this monetization function directly affect the ability to cooperate according to the minutes of both parties.

– The date of signing the agreement is May 15, 2021, but on May 14, 2021, Ego Media company did not have any notice or discussion with me, but actively signed a contract of great value and long. term.

If I agree to follow this contract and the requirements of Ego Media, I and the team will work continuously for 2 months full-time, but Ego Media does not agree to pay any costs. That means that I and the entire team have to do it for free.

Our side proposed the company to reconsider to harmonize the two sides, but the company did not agree. On the first day of cooperation, the two sides did not reach a consensus and I personally did not feel comfortable (the period after the work could not be carried out, the company Ego Media contacted to renegotiate, but The story goes further, of course.)

– On June 2, 2021, after asking about the issue of receiving my remaining payments while working at Ego, the representative Ego Media company replied that it will not pay me the revenue in May from the Fanpage of the Sparrow Goes to the Sun.

– After that, Ego Media company contacted requesting renegotiation but accompanied by an addendum asking me not to cooperate with more than 40 units within 1 year (Whilst this is a decisive year, for his development and his company later, really unacceptable).

With the spirit of goodwill, our side has also come up with many options for the two sides to continue cooperation. However, the negotiation process did not come to the desired results.

– On June 13, 2021, Ego company revoked all its administrative rights on Fanpage and YouTube channels.

– On June 14, 2021, I decided to publicize the new Fanpage, leave and do not bring any assets that have been built by the company over the past time.

Personally, I am always grateful, thanks to Mr. Hung and the leading brothers in the empire community, I can be as successful as I am today, the community can exist as it is now. But this community is going down a lot, I hope the parties will work independently, will cooperate and help each other. Let me contribute to the development of the community when separated, not in the situation of maintaining together.

Personally, I now understand my responsibility in community development. AOE it is an indispensable part of my life, this community is like brothers who have been together for so many years. I’ll definitely do my best to create another empire.”

The Sparrow Goes to the Sun speaks out about the loss of 1.3 million followers on the fanpage, revealing the details of the unacceptable contract - Photo 2.

It is known that the private company of the gamer is called Chim Se Go Sunshine Studio Joint Stock Company, charter capital of 14 billion VND, of which, Director Nguyen Duc Binh contributes 11.2 billion VND, Ms. Nguyen Thi Khuyen and Ms. Phung My Hang each contributed 1.4 billion VND.

According to observation, the newly established fanpage of Chim Se Going to the Sun has now attracted about 46,000 followers, while the old fanpage of Chim Se Going to the Sun with a green tick and 1.3 million followers has been inactive for the past 4 days. which is new.

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