The story behind the photo of Queen Elizabeth II

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2022-09-16 07:16:42

After Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on September 8, Buckingham Palace announced on Twitter and Instagram with a stunning black-and-white portrait of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. This photo was taken more than 15 years ago, when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated an important milestone.

“The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: Twitter)

The portrait was taken at Buckingham Palace in February 2006, on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s 80th birthday, by the late photographer Jane Bown – at that time Jane Bown was 81 years old. This photo was featured in Jane Bown’s 2009 book Exposures.

“Queen Elizabeth II chose Jane Bown for a portrait at the start of her 80th birthday”Royal Collection Trust (RCT) – a repository of British royal information, said about the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II’s image was also featured in the Royal Collection Trust’s exhibition: 60 photographs from 60 years of the Queen’s Diamond Day in 2012. Queen Elizabeth II is the second holder of the throne. In the UK this celebration is celebrated, after her great-grandmother Queen Victoria (1837-1901) who celebrated the Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

In recognition of photographer Jane Bown’s dedication to portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Collection Trust says Jane Bown is “Humble technique, working at a fast pace, using only available light and for working with black and white”.

Jane Bown passed away at the age of 89 in December 2014. “I’ve spent my life worrying about time and light. If I had time I would have done something, but if I had light I would have done it even better.” once quoted Jane Bown as saying.

Jane Bown has worked as a photographer for The Observer since 1949. Jane Bown was awarded an MBE in 1985 and a CBE in 1995. Jane Bown also received an honorary fellowship at the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 2000. .

At the 1995 CBE ceremony, when Queen Elizabeth II called Jane Bown an artist, Jane Bown replied: “I’m not an artist, I’m just a guy who plays with pictures.”

Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 (local time), at the age of 96.

The Queen of England has been suffering from health problems since October 2021, forcing her to spend a night in the hospital. Since then, she has difficulty walking, so she does not often attend events as before.

Queen Elizabeth II became the head of the United Kingdom on February 6, 1952, after her father King George VI died on the same day. The coronation ceremony was held on June 2, 1953, more than a year after the death of King George VI.

Reigning for 70 consecutive years, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving person in UK history.

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