The story of starting a business with 0 dong capital of young Hoang Vu

The story of starting a business with 0 dong capital of young Hoang Vu

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2023-03-09 23:45:40

“Dare to think, dare to do, dare to change myself to wholeheartedly do the things that I desire” – what Mr. Hoang Vu – one of the successful business people shared about the preparation from the very first day. on a challenging business path.

To have a successful business, you must know how to create leverage

Hoang Vu – a guy who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance. During his studies, he had a very good understanding of financial issues as well as applying his knowledge to business.

After graduating, he worked at a bank. At the same time, he is also looking for additional business opportunities outside. His criteria when identifying opportunities is to combine technology leverage and financial leverage.

Based on the above two criteria, he decided to cooperate with a number of companies to trade in consumer goods. Since starting his business, Mr. Hoang Vu has been looking for sales opportunities through the online business market. The online business has met the financial criteria set by Mr. Hoang Vu as a business without loss. At the same time, the online business opportunity has helped him equip himself with a greater vision of business trends in the world.

For Mr. Hoang Vu, youth is the best opportunity for himself to learn, practice and experience. With his knowledge and experience in doing financial work, he prioritizes choosing the initial investment segment without much capital, he plans a safe plan in business, which means that it will not lose much when it fails, which means that it will not lose much money. not fail.

The criterion of “not losing” was an opportunity for him to know and join Droppii’s capital-free online business model. For Mr. Hoang Vu, not wanting to make a large initial financial investment does not mean that you do not dare to do it, but it is the careful calculation and excellent financial analysis skills that a business person needs.

Business is not afraid of challenges

Business is not afraid of challenges. This is the guideline for Mr. Hoang Vu to be as successful as he is today. Initially, when he started an online business with Droppii, although he had experience, he still faced many difficulties.

The first difficulty, Droppii is a pioneering business model in Vietnam. During the Droppii business, he went from surprise to surprise. Although he has experience and in-depth understanding of business, for the first time, he is familiar with the business that applies high-tech elements, the issues of business management and operation are designed. following a methodical and automatic process in the Droppii ecosystem.

The online business model on Droppii is completely different from the traditional business model that is spontaneous and operated mainly by people.

Mr. Hoang Vu added: “Despite facing an advanced business model, I feel more motivated to improve myself to suit the new business environment. At the same time, practice my reaction skills. quickly with the trends of the modern economy”.

Droppii’s business model always puts product quality and customer service first. Droppii not only sells online but also sells directly to connect merchants with customers.

Besides, Droppii also invites manufacturers and experts in the field of training for business people. Therefore, Droppii online business is not only about selling goods, but also constantly improving knowledge to develop every day.

Droppii – A business model that does not require capital to import goods

At first, there were many difficulties, it seemed like giving up. But with the support from Droppii, it helped him overcome the wave, starting a business with 0 dong capital as he always wanted.

When asked about what he is most interested in in the Droppii online business model, he shared: “In Droppii, you can’t lose but only win, whether the result is won or not is not interested. But the core. give priority to investment – business does not need capital.

In business, if you only understand finance but are not good at marketing, you will face many difficulties. Thanks to Droppii, Mr. Hoang Vu can take advantage of human leverage and financial leverage. Droppii supports a professional staff to help him not have to take on too much work. Pursuing the Droppii online business path, young Hoang Vu has succeeded in the dropshopping business ecosystem.

The story of starting a business with 0 dong capital of young Hoang Vu - Photo 2.

All of the above are worthy achievements for Mr. Hoang Vu’s constant efforts over the years. When asked about his plans and how difficulties and challenges are coming, he happily shared: “Now I feel very happy with my work every day and I realize when I achieve a goal. something and looking back on what I’ve been through, I see it’s no longer difficult or arduous. It’s simply challenges that I overcame.”

Believing that with his positive spirit and energy, along with Mr. Hoang Vu’s enterprising spirit, he will surely reap more successes on the way to conquering new heights in his career.

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