The strong man ‘beat’ the Honda SH 150i 2021 revealed: Competitive price, power that makes people ‘crazy’

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2022-01-09 04:34:15

Besides the Honda SH 2021, users in the UK market can refer to the One Moto Electra electric car model with a unique appearance and tremendous power.

One Moto Electra possesses an elegant and impressive design with a headlight with round headlights and rearview mirrors, elegant handlebars and a comfortable sitting position. The saddle is short, the legroom is spacious to help users have the best driving experience, the vehicle weight is about 115kg, and the payload is 150kg.

The manufacturer has equipped this model with a series of notable utilities such as a full LCD screen displaying basic parameters such as speed, distance traveled, battery level and also the ability to connect to smartphones. With the accompanying application, customers can fully receive notifications about problems in the vehicle, locate, understand the calculation of electricity consumption and give driving instructions for the longest distance.

This model belongs to the LEV (Lightweight Electric Vehicle) segment, the car’s appearance is a harmonious blend of classic features and a series of modern equipment no less than popular models such as Vespa, Lambrettas renowned.

The strong man 'beats' the Honda SH 150i 2021 revealed at a competitive price, the power to cause a fever in public opinion Photo 2.

One Moto Electra uses a 3.2kW electric motor block with a maximum speed of up to 96.5km/h. The car is powered by a 72V, 45 Ah lithium battery, which according to the company, each full charge can help the car travel up to 150km.

The strong man 'knocked' the Honda SH 150i 2021 revealed at a competitive price, the power to cause a fever in public opinion Photo 3.

As expected, this electric motorcycle model will be widely distributed throughout the UK, United Arab Emirates and India markets with a selling price of about 4,500 USD, equivalent to nearly 103,000,000 VND, equal to the price of Honda SH. 150i. Currently, the trend of consumers using electric motorbikes is becoming very popular because it saves costs and effectively protects the environment, so the One Moto Electra model can be an alternative choice for electric scooters. traditional scooter models.


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