The Tesla car was suspected of being used as a spy, Elon Musk replied harshly

The Tesla car was suspected of being used as a spy, Elon Musk replied harshly


2021-03-23 00:32:01

Tesla CEO, billionaire Elon Musk has responded strongly to doubts that its cars can be used for spying. He vowed to shut down his factory if his car was capable of doing so, after news of China banned its military and government employees from using Tesla vehicles.

“There is a very strong incentive to make us very confidential with any information.” Musk said about the topic on a popular Chinese forum. “If Tesla uses its car to spy in China or anywhere, we shut it down.”

Earlier, on Friday, Reuters sources said the Chinese military had banned the use of Tesla vehicles in their complexes, due to security concerns from their vehicle’s cameras. surname.

These restrictions are emerging when a summit between US and Chinese diplomats is being held in Alaska. This is also the first contact since President Joe Biden took office in January this year. In his speech to the China Development Forum, Musk called for greater mutual trust between the world’s two largest economies.

In China, the world’s largest auto market and a key market for electric vehicles, Tesla sold 147,445 vehicles last year, accounting for 30% of the company’s total global output. However, they are now facing more competition from domestic rivals such as Nio and Geely.

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