The tiny detail in Justice League shows that Zack Snyder wants to dedicate the entire movie to his deceased daughter

The tiny detail in Justice League shows that Zack Snyder wants to dedicate the entire movie to his deceased daughter


2021-03-23 11:19:02

Justice League Snyder Cut was officially broadcast on March 18, bringing a more comprehensive story, more detailed and true DC movie quality much more than the release four years ago. Although everyone will have their own feelings about this work, there is one thing we must agree with: Never, and probably never will, there is a special case like Justice. League in the world cinema.

Justice League can be considered as a gift that Zack Snyder gave his daughter Autumn Snyder, who committed suicide in early 2017. It was this shock that caused the talented male director to decide to withdraw from the Warner Bros project. . while still unfinished press. Part of the reason was that he felt he needed to spend time with his family during the highly sensitive period at the time. And the main reason: He lost his spirit and enthusiasm for Justice League.

In 2017, Zack Snyder lost his beloved daughter, Justice League, so it also became unfinished and was eventually stoned by fans mercilessly when it came to theaters.

So, when given the opportunity to remake his unfinished project, Zack Snyder did not hesitate to spend the last seconds of the film to pay tribute to his deceased daughter. With just one line of “For Autumn”, it was a great encouragement and encouragement for Snyder himself and his family after the losses they experienced in 2017. However, that is not all. both. If you are observant, you can spot an easter egg that the director has plugged into the film, in support of the American Foundation against Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

This Easter egg appears briefly and will instantly miss it with the blink of an eye. If you want to watch it for yourself: It’s in a scene where Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen drive out of the superman’s house. As soon as you drive off the highway, you can have a billboard with the words “You Are Not Alone”(You are not alone), accompanied by the icon and website address of AFSP. This is considered a gentle reminder of the Snyder couple to the audience about suicide prevention as well as other mental health issues.

The tiny detail in Justice League shows that Zack Snyder wants to dedicate the entire movie to his deceased daughter - Photo 2.

This super large billboard is the tiny easter egg that Zack Snyder has added to pay tribute to AFSP, as well as a way to commemorate her daughter Autumn and raise audience awareness about issues. related to mental health.

Sharing with Cinemablend, Debbie Snyder, director Zack Snyder’s wife said: “I think our Snyder Cut journey begins with the fans, and their fighting action for what is familiar to us (Autumn and Justice League). However, I think that at the present time, people are also facing a lot of loss, losing their jobs or relatives. Therefore, mental health is also especially important“.

That is why we want to continue to support AFSP. There are a lot of things we have for Snyder Cut that are all about fundraising for this organization. I think that also contributes to people’s awareness, because there are individuals who stigmatize mental health issues out there.“.

“When we make any decisions regarding Autumn, we think and execute it very carefully. At least we can tell people about our own stories, and want to tell them to keep your heart open to talk about mental health issues, still in the outside world. there are many people willing to help them. It’s great that the fan community has always supported our ideas and purposes. Even while doing their best to make the film come out, they continue to raise money for AFSP and raise awareness among others ”.

That’s why that billboard appears in the movie. My husband said: “This is a great idea to put into my work“.

The tiny detail in Justice League shows that Zack Snyder wants to dedicate the entire movie to his deceased daughter - Photo 3.

Justice League is an opportunity for the Snyder and his wife to raise awareness about mental health issues – a traumatic experience that the two had experienced four years ago.

Thus, Justice League Snyder Cut is not only an opportunity for Zack Snyder to fulfill his unfinished dream, but also to help him somewhat share with fans after the tragedy that his family has experienced. This is Snyder’s vision, but he won’t be able to “see” it if fans don’t regularly publicly support issues related to mental health and artistic integrity to promote Warner. Bros. this cut must be released.

Previously, in the campaign #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (roughly translated: Please release the cut of director Snyder), the fan raised more than 500 million USD for the AFSP organization. Reportedly, a large portion of the proceeds from the newly aired Justice League will also go to this organization.

According to cinemablend

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