The toilet is placed next to the bed, the cost per night is only nearly 200,000 VND!

The toilet is placed next to the bed, the cost per night is only nearly 200,000 VND!

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2023-03-11 23:53:39

According to Red Star News, the 8 square meter room being offered for sale belongs to a hotel in a residential area in Zhengzhou city, Henan province (China).

The incident has attracted the attention of the online community after a blogger named Heimao Zhang posted a video of the experience on the platform last month.

A room designed with a toilet next to the bed attracted the attention of the online community. (Photo: SCMP)

This blogger revealed to have experienced the room for 3 consecutive hours and did not stay overnight. He said the room was small but had basic amenities and was clean.

“What I don’t understand is that the bed is too close to the toilet, so the room smells bad” he said, alluding to the room having an unpleasant smell due to the toilet being located right inside.

In the video it can be seen that, in addition to the bed and toilet, the room also has an air conditioner, a washbasin, a mirror, a coat hanger, a kettle, a fan and a landscape painting.


The whole room is only 8 square meters for just over 200,000 VND. (screenshot

Blogger shared that he had found a cheap room online, only 60 yuan / night (205,000 VND) and this attracted his attention, so because of his curious nature, he did not hesitate to come and experience it. test test.

“I opened the door to enter and saw a corridor. The two sides of the corridor are divided into 5-6 small rooms”Hei said.

Receiving an interview with Red Star News, the hotel owner revealed that there are many people who want to rent these small rooms. His customers are all patients or patients’ relatives who are using the service at a health care center a few hundred meters away. The remaining customers are students who come to rent for a few days to have their own space to practice and prepare for exams.

The video of the room has garnered two million views on and another two million on Weibo, with thousands of comments left on posts.

– “Why can some people choose to live in such a small apartment with a toilet near the bed? It’s really confusing.” An MXH user left a comment.

– “60 yuan/night means 1,800 yuan/month? You can rent an apartment in better condition than this.” Others said.

In fact, this incident has already appeared in the newspapers. In 2021, a local TV station in Shanghai reported that several models of “capsule hotels” had appeared in downtown areas, charging 35 yuan per bed per night. Each guest is only provided with one bed and shared toilet.

However, authorities warn that a fire hazard is common in hotels with such a high density of residents.

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