The total asset value of the Alameda Research fund reaches 14.6 billion USD, with the FTX exchange token as the main one

The total asset value of the Alameda Research fund reaches 14.6 billion USD, with the FTX exchange token as the main one


2022-11-07 19:07:48

Although it has announced an independent relationship with FTX, Alameda Research’s asset holding ratio shows that the fund is holding a large amount of the exchange’s tokens.

Alameda Research’s assets are worth $14.6 billion

CoinDesk revealed a report internally circulating by Alameda Research: as of June 30, 2022, the fund’s total assets are reaching $14.6 billion. It is especially noteworthy that among them are up to 3.6 billion USD of FTT tokens (FTX exchange tokens) with unlocked status and 2.16 billion USD “FTT is collateralized”. In addition, of the $ 8 billion in debt that Alameda Research recorded in the report, up to $ 292 million is “FTT is locked”.

Other large assets owned by Alameda include $3.37 billion in various cryptocurrencies and a significant amount of Solana (SOL), including: $292 million in “unlocked” SOL, 863 million USD of “locked” SOL and $41 million of “collateralized” SOL. The fund also has $134 million in cash and $2 billion “invested in securities.”

Previously, Alameda Research declared its independence and did not have a close relationship with the FTX exchange even though it was headed by billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried. The CEO of FTX is also the founder of Alameda Research Foundation.

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In August 2022, the CEO of FTX clarified the relationship between the exchange and Alameda. Sam determined that Alameda will be oriented to engage in liquidity and market-making activities for projects, as well as OTC trading, while the investment will be for the FTX Ventures fund.

Sam Bankman-Fried usually posts a few million USD worth of FTT buy orders every week, but still insists “this is not investment advice”.

Crypto companies under the influence/linked to billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried

The goal of capturing this nascent crypto market was clearly expressed by the CEO of FTX right in this downtrend season in 2022. In addition to holding FTX-Alameda, Sam Bankman-Fried took advantage of the “liquidity crisis” that occurred in April with the collapse of the UST to buy up crypto companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy. Most recently, FTX successfully reached an agreement to buy Voyager’s assets for $1.4 billion.

There have been many allegations that Alameda is essentially a fund used to back and create liquidity for projects invested by FTX, and then use inside information and advance knowledge to make money. The community also compiled a list of projects that have been “touched” by FTX-Alameda and haven’t gotten up since, with once-hot names like Serum (SRM), Maps (MAPS) and Oxygen ( OXY).

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