The trend of online human resources experts to edit candidates’ CVs on TikTok is booming

The trend of online human resources experts to edit candidates’ CVs on TikTok is booming


2022-08-13 14:43:19

One mile wrong, a mile away

HR still regularly reviews CVs, gives useful tips for candidates to improve their CVs. In particular, in recent times, the strong development of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok has made it easier for candidates to connect with HR professionals. Videos commenting and editing CVs of candidates, especially students, can attract thousands or hundreds of thousands of views, turning HR professionals into KOLs, “celebs”. really respect the eyes of young people.

Hoang, an engineering student at a famous university in Ho Chi Minh City, said: “In the beginning, when I went to look for a job, I was rejected a lot, I guess it was because my CV was not well-organized, and not highlighted. I also want to be guided by HR to write my CV properly, but it’s difficult to connect with professional HR guys, but since the trend of editing CVs on TikTok, I just need Send your CV to career counselors on it so that your CV can be fully commented on.”

However, this contagion can also easily turn into a communication crisis if HR forgets to stop and exceed the HR profession.

Specifically, recently an HR posted a screenshot of a candidate’s CV with a portrait photo and candidate information. In addition, this HR is also sarcastic with a teasing voice, causing users on social networks to react harshly and think that this HR has violated professional guidelines when posting sensitive information of candidates online. society.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Deputy General Director of Talentnet said: “Social networking is a double-edged sword, if used well, HR professionals can demonstrate their knowledge, thereby helping to build personal brands. But if they do not know how to keep themselves, HR can forget about the work rules, thereby revealing candidate information, losing their neutral position and putting too much personal emotion in the comments. online or offline, HR must maintain their professional spirit.”

Notebook to remember when HR shares CVs on social networks

In order not to go astray, Ms. Thanh Huong shares the following tips for HR to maintain a professional image when deciding to embark on the path of sharing and commenting on candidate CVs on social networks:

Consensus is a prerequisite

Many HRs believe that when they receive a CV, they have the right to share it with others. However, even with good intentions, this action is difficult to sympathize with, because no one wants to wake up one morning to find their personal information appearing on social networks. HRs can talk to candidates in advance about the benefits they can achieve, setting clear boundaries to easily get a nod of agreement from the candidate.

Share fairly, avoid personal attacks

The consent of the candidate is a prerequisite for HR to be allowed to share the CV on social networks.

Behind the words on the CV is a person, so HR should avoid criticizing and attacking if the candidate’s CV is not “up to standard”. Instead, commenting on the errors candidates encounter and offering appropriate solutions not only helps candidates improve their resumes, but also helps build the image of a professional recruiter in the eyes of candidates. and other followers.

Confidentiality of candidate information

CV contains a lot of personal information including name, age, phone number, email and work experience. The fact that HR reveals candidate information when sharing not only shows a lack of professionalism, but can also cause HR to run into problems with the law. Therefore, HR should pay attention to cover personal information when sharing on social networks, avoid the temptation to introduce candidates, but only focus on commenting on how the candidate deploys information about work experience, or future hope.

“Candidates, especially young people, always seek the guidance of human resources experts to best prepare for their future career path. Sharing and commenting on CVs on social networks is a necessary bridge. Not only candidates benefit, HR people, if skillful, are not only providing value to the community, helping to raise the quality of candidates, but also can build brands personal brand as a professional, dedicated and capable HR”, shared Ms. Thanh Huong.

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