The trend of “online shopping” takes the throne and the fear of bearing the name “safe”

The trend of “online shopping” takes the throne and the fear of bearing the name “safe”


2021-03-24 12:48:56

The trend of “online shopping” took the throne

Since 2018, online shopping has been on a strong trend. In particular, by 2020, this form of shopping will grow faster than ever. Online shopping channels are mainly e-commerce exchanges (e-commerce), followed by social networks. The inherent benefits of e-commerce have quickly created opportunities for online shopping to develop smoothly.

Specifically, finding products and services through the internet will be quick and the cost is much lower. Using the internet will also help consumers discover more types of goods and find products and services that are more suitable for themselves. Meanwhile, traditional shopping has many difficulties in cost and takes a lot of time. Besides, the ability to interact with customers through online shopping is also much easier than traditional shopping.

However, this form of online shopping also has many problems. Accordingly, the majority of consumers, when asked, will choose the form of cash payment when shopping online while the option of paying with cards and e-wallets is only a small proportion. The reason is that consumers worry that the product quality when received will not be as advertised, or the reputation of the seller is not guaranteed, delivery is slow, no goods received or personal information is disclosed. …

When the worry with the name “safe” is no longer a concern

Besides popular online shopping items such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, home appliances … online motorcycle shopping has also been on the rise in recent years. The most obvious sign for this trend is that many big men such as Cho Tot, Lazada, Shopee … have sold motorcycles whether new or old. For this potential market, it can be said that OKXE is currently the leading e-commerce unit. However, as mentioned above, no matter what item you buy and sell online, the issue that many users are concerned about is the safety of all transactions. Therefore, in order to solve these concerns, this unit since January 2021 has improved many features to help consumers feel secure when there is a need to shop online.

For shop owners, OKXE is a reliable motorcycle buying and selling platform that helps to publish car sales effectively, manage sales easily, as well as regularly update the most accurate car sales prices. For buyers, OKXE supports access to true images, accurate information to make buying and selling easier. You can quickly book a car viewing appointment with the shop owner at any time.

In addition, many users, when dealing with normal purchases, are concerned about the problem of checking the quality of the vehicle. When they do not have specialized knowledge, the user cannot be completely sure which car is really good. However, on OKXE, all information about the car is committed by the shop owner, ensuring quality before being posted. To increase trust for both buyers and sellers, the platform also issues “OKXE certification” to these stores. Through the certification logo, consumers can easily identify reputable stores.

In addition, on OKXE.VN, buyers can rest assured because the selling location and contact phone number are specifically verified before the account is approved. This is to ensure quality as well as transparency and safety in transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Especially recently, OKXE has added a new feature “Authenticate Transaction – Electronic Contract” since January 2021. This new feature will assist both buyers and sellers in the transaction, and provide customers with a better experience every time they use the OKXE motorcycle shopping app. Specifically:

First, experience safety. Accordingly, the identity verification before the transaction will provide all necessary data such as store information, vehicle number plates, vehicle sales papers … to help improve the process of buying and selling vehicles safely.

The trend of

Transaction Authentication – Electronic contracts support both buyers and sellers when buying and selling vehicles

In addition, both buyers and sellers experience proactivity. Now, when a transaction occurs, the user will not need to call the Customer Care Center for support. Instead, customers can manually send vehicle information, address … to the user, right on OKXE.

Despite being a new platform, however, OKXE also received a lot of positive feedback from users. It can be said that this is a reliable motorcycle buying and selling application, helping users to make the right car buying and selling decisions while providing better, safer and more convenient car buying and selling experiences. more profitable!

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