The trick to ‘transform’ the Lock screen of Windows 11 is more diverse

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2022-01-05 22:20:11

The Lock Screen screen on Windows 11 is quite simple, it only displays the wallpaper, the time.. In order to make the lock screen in the latest version of Microsoft more interesting and customizable, please follow the steps below. steps below.

Instructions to customize the Lock screen lock screen on Windows 11.

Step 1: Open the app Settings > Choose Personalization > Lockscreen


Step 2: Section Personalization your lock screen > Select Windows Spotlight. This feature will display beautiful new wallpapers provided by Microsoft itself.


– If you want to customize the wallpaper separately according to your preferences, you can choose the item Personalization your lock screen > Picture > Browse photos > Then select the image you want to use at the screen Lock screen.


– Or you can also select multiple photos to display Lock screen slide show in Slides by Personalize your lock screen > choose Slideshow. At section Add an album for your slideshow > Continue to select Browse and point to the correct folder of images that you want to display on the screen Lock screen.


– In addition, you can also choose some applications to display on the Lock screen. Section Lock screen status > Select the application to display at the screen Lock screen (Weather, Main, Calendar).


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