The TurtleDex project on Binance Smart Chain hugged 9,000 BNB and ran away

The TurtleDex project on Binance Smart Chain hugged 9,000 BNB and ran away

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2021-03-22 01:25:37

Investing in DeFi projects brings high returns with equally high risks. The latest one is TurtleDex Get rid of your runners Has raised alarm bells about a series of “citrus” projects appeared when the market uptrend.

Turtle floor but “runs” faster than rabbits.

The Origin of TurtleDex

TurtleDex is a decentralized storage platform, claiming to be the “big data protocol” that helps users to store data and files without being backed up on their computer.

TurtleDex’s pre-sale on March 15 was completed in just 2 hours – proving the degree hype of the project in the user community.

TurtleDex team has opened a liquidity pool on 2 main DEX exchanges of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Pancakeswap and Apeswap. TTDX tokens are unclock and circulated at 10PM on March 18 (VN time). Understandably, TTDX prices also pump quickly.

Rug pull: Runs for money

Twitter DefiStalker was the first to spot this incident:

“The liquidity on both Apeswap and PancakeSwap was deleted 10 hours ago and all tokens were converted to ETH. Divided into 9 wallets and sent to Binance.

TTDX looks like it’s going to be RugPull just 24 hours after going on sale on Binance Smart Chain. ”

And indeed, checking the team’s BSC wallet, the ETH number has been sent to the Binance wallet address.

Source: BSCscan

By the time CHK reported, the official website of TurtleDex was deleted, the admin accounts of Telegram group were permanently deleted (delected accounts).

Official website stopped working.
The admin account is permanently deleted.

That is the end of a sad love story.

Can users get their lost money back?

However, the victim is still hoping to get it back 9,000 BNB lost.

Previously, the Binance CEO tweeted about helping with some Rugpull traceability cases:

If Binance “saves” it, it is easy to see that Binance can freeze the wallet accounts of the TurtleDex team and return it to the victim.

However, up to now, there is no indication that CZ or Binance will make such a move.

And the funny thing (laughs) is that after the news of TurtleDex ran away, Twitter Binance shared the article of Binance Academy: How to identify scam in DeFi?.

Is this interested or tantalizing the user here?

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