The upcoming Apple Watch SE will be a more attractive upgrade than the Series 8

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2022-06-29 11:29:53

(CHK) Compared to Apple Watch Series 8 with a negligible upgrade compared to Series 7, the upcoming Watch SE model with an affordable S8 chip is much more attractive.

Recently, Mark Gurman said that Apple is expected to launch a lot of new products between the end of 2022 and the first half of 2023. Specifically, it includes 4 iPhone 14 models, 3 versions of Apple Watch, MacBook with M2 and M3 processors, iPad, refurbished AirPods Pro, HomePod, improved Apple TV, and long-rumored headphones.

Last year’s Apple Watch Series 7 was powered by the S7 chip, which isn’t much different from the previous generation’s S6 chip. Gurman has suggested that the S8 chip powering the Watch Series 8 may not be faster than the S7 because it has the same specs. Next year, we can expect a brand new chip with more power.

Gurman also reiterated that Apple’s 2022 smartwatch lineup will include three models: the Watch Series 8, an improved SE model, and a model dedicated to professional athletes.

The next Watch SE will likely have the same screen size as the 2020 model, meaning its screen will be 1.78 inches. However, it is rumored that it will be equipped with the new S8 chip, which will make it significantly faster than the old model using the S5 chip.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is not eligible for Apple’s latest watchOS 9 update, so it looks like this model will be discontinued. Gurman believes that the current SE model can be lowered to the same price as the Watch Series 3. Currently, the Series 3 is selling for $ 199 and the Watch SE is selling for $ 279.

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