The upcoming iPhone 14 Series and Apple Watch 8 Pro prices both tend to increase slightly

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2022-08-04 07:54:47

(CHK) Despite the difficult situation facing a decline in sales, Apple is expected to increase the price of the upcoming iPhone 14 Series and Apple Watch Series 8 due to production cost issues .

Although iPhone shipments were up 3% year-over-year, other products, such as Macs, iPads and smartwatches were affected. With the economic outlook looking bleak, many consumers have cut back on spending on mobile devices. With all that said, Apple seems to be in a tough spot.

The Cupertino giant is already facing a drop in product sales and it doesn’t want to lose any more customers by raising prices too high. However, problems with raw materials and higher production costs may force them to raise prices. As we have seen, the newly launched MacBook Air M2 is also a bit more expensive than its predecessor.

Earlier, a report said that the price of iPhone 14 could increase by 100 USD. The iPhone 13 mini starts at $699, but it won’t be the successor to the iPhone 14 series. So, the iPhone 14 Max, which replaces the iPhone 13 mini, will likely increase to $799 over its predecessor.

Users will likely have to pay more for the standard versions, although they are rumored to include only very minor upgrades over their predecessors. Unlike the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, the standard models won’t be equipped with the new chip, nor will there be a new front-facing design or a higher-resolution main camera. All users get is an improved selfie camera and possibly satellite connectivity.

In addition, although the standard iPhone 14 models are rumored to have more RAM, they use older technology, while the high-end Pro versions are equipped with faster RAM.

Apple is also about to launch 3 new smartwatch lines, including Apple Watch Series 8, a low-cost SE model and a Pro model for professional athletes. While the Series 8 and SE will likely cost about the same as their predecessors, the Pro is expected to cost between $900-999 with the biggest screen ever, a strong battery, a metal casing, and a decent design. new design.

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