The US “clarifies” how to punish Tornado Cash

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2022-09-17 08:08:42

As CHK reported, in mid-August, the popular mixer in the crypto world – Tornado Cash was on the list of sanctioned platforms by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) affiliated to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The financial.

According to this order, all US citizens and organizations after August 8, 2022 are not allowed to have access to Tornado Cash and its smart contracts; otherwise you will be imprisoned.

However, OFAC’s ban caused discontent because it did not provide a specific solution to protect users. Even the Company behind stablecoin USDT, Tether after the incident is completely non-compliant.

OFAC offers more solutions after issuing a “blind” ban

On the evening of September 13, OFAC issued more regulations, stating some solutions around the Tornado Cash ban:

Firstfor users who used Tornado Cash before August 8, but have not been able to withdraw or complete transactions after this deadline, OFAC will allow them to withdraw without worrying about violating sanctions, subject to The condition is that a special form must be submitted, providing all the necessary information to prove the purity of the transaction.

Monday, by OFAC noted that many crypto celebrity wallet addresses were sent “dirty ETH” from Tornado Cash by unknown accounts after the ban, resulting in account lockouts. In these cases, US officials stated that the wallets “in essence violated OFAC regulations”. However, because the breach is passive and isolated only in Tornado Cash, the agency will take no legal action, but still require wallet owners to fully report it. information to OFAC.

Finally, OFAC emphasizes that US citizens and organizations are strictly prohibited from interacting with wallet addresses and smart contracts associated with Tornado Cash, unless exempted by OFAC.

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